Donald Trump Continues to Take on Border Issues

The Republican presidential candidate visited the U.S.-Mexico border.
1:49 | 07/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Trump Continues to Take on Border Issues
tonight. Donald Trump flying to Texas and heading straight out to the Mexican border. Trump saying, of his visit to the border, it's a great danger, but he has to do it. Before he arrived, our cameras capturing what authorities believe were two men trying to race across the border. But we wanted a reality check tonight. Are there more people trying to cross the border now than just a few years ago? ABC's Tom llamas tonight with the Numbers. Reporter: Donald Trump emerging from his private jet. Flashing a thumb's up. Hello, everybody. Reporter: Then, in a crush of reporters, trump was off. Going to the border. And we'll see you later. Hopefully we'll see you later. Reporter: He says his visit, not without risk. They say it's a great danger, but I have to do it. Reporter: We piled into the trump motorcade to ask him about that. FBI statistics show some of America's safest cities are on the Texas border. Since 2003, the number of Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal, has plummeted more than 50%. Crime along the border is down. What danger are you talking about? We have a tremendous danger on the border. Reporter: At the border, trump meeting with local officials behind closed doors. He was supposed to meet with the border patrol union, but they backed out. This morning, right in front of our cameras, two men running into Texas from Mexico. We just saw a takedown of what we think could be undocumented immigrants. Border patrol tackling that man right there. Later in the day, we asked trump about the apparent border breech. I thought it was terrible. Reporter: David, trump didn't spend a lot of time here on the actual border. He definitely spent more time with reporters. And he says he's considering a third party run, be the the gop doesn't treat him correctly. That definitely would make republicans nervous. David? Tom llamas in Texas for us tonight. Tom, thank you.

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{"id":32653380,"title":"Donald Trump Continues to Take on Border Issues","duration":"1:49","description":"The Republican presidential candidate visited the U.S.-Mexico border. ","url":"/WNT/video/donald-trump-continues-border-issues-32653380","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}