Donald Trump Jr. Discusses His Father, the RNC and Melania's Speech

Ahead of his father's nomination, Trump's oldest child talks about making the case for his father as the next president of the United States.
9:36 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Jr. Discusses His Father, the RNC and Melania's Speech
You want pacers tonight we'll under the stage well you're used to speeches bullet. Its earnings unaudited. Listen I think over I get nervous right before. You know I'm confident about my father and company and our message. You know I guess we're lucky we're used to be put in this kind of spots mean mrs. Treatment million people and it's a whole different world and in I recognize the revenue but honestly don't think about it. A talking to Americans. Talking about half my phone and assuming do. Every day and so it shouldn't be that far out of the norm. Understanding the full gravity of the situation that is used in hearings sealed the delegates. In this room here on one of them get thrown over the top today answering. I mean do it and actually do the vote they cast them over the twelve others and there will be millions was watching and justice last. Lot of people are now when the speech. Your tent like the last one. Did you write your speech and it tonight that it Novell's well look we have obviously it was a speech at this level of this and we're not politics. We're not political wonks so we people would do we have to infuse you know they work with us and we you'll look through it and stuff like that with our Brothers and sisters. You know and obviously some people do this for a living but it makes you end up with sort of a block and and you have to. Make your around so I think start off with some into the blocking and probably 75% of you know easily ritual thought it you have to do it. I knew that you now see yours its side by side line from speech next to Obama's levels and a little of the season but you've seen you've noticed it. What do you make of the striking some players. And you know I don't think there was anything in there that's. That novel in terms of those particular lines and in which he talks of an immigration talks about some announcement having gone through that process legally. Me that was supposed MacBooks for those of the things that really mattered was that the people really she's really touching which he talked about my father again. We just stop but I saw you weren't bothered by an eye on some pretty common words there you know honestly there was no novel thought in net net. Of course when you work with speechwriters and some of summing it but honestly I was more concerned about what was more. Proud of her about was. We get on that stage having never done this before someone is she's maintained. You know pretty private lifestyle displayed everything that's going on in because she wants to be incredible mother. It might younger brother. She does then asked person she wants to be answered be able to get agent fielded deliver a speech that much confidence that much emotion. For me an honest about the liver which she able to do that might things and it's I think a lot of people think that delivery was spot. But she did an interview she wrote the speech now wishes it was she wrote Mike. You know and again for speech of this. Magnitude. To say you're an actress beat it you aren't under an amnesty they created it's it's very different who did write speeds. Her I don't know. This anyway in the campaign. I don't know. Because there are words like plagiarism and out there today Corey who dusty used to be with the campaign has said all Mann a port signed off on dance beats. Keeps ago. You know listen of course that a lot of these these days trying to guess remain a part in people's an incredible job to campaign and we totally Acxiom level of organization professionalism. He's brought to the campaign in the past few weeks and months it's just been outstanding. I hear from you guys from the friends in the present on hate it's amazing what's happened changes so incredible you know we're really taking it to mean. We got into this the year ago. But we've never done this before there's just only knew you were going to be as of tonight the nominee. The Republican nominee for president Aniston's that's a big deal and things have to change accordingly and change things if you will always be of small lean machine because unlike. Big government. We don't just throw other people's money at problems and hope that they go away and just have overstaffed and and we of 110 aside and campaign staff has Ehrlichman and it's what. When the exact same position of shares were actually leading and a lot of the states now especially the swing states. And that's after she spent hundreds of millions of dollars attacking my father you know in ads and all this after so much we spend about. About zero. When we start doing I think it's gonna have a real effect because frankly they're given her history all of the this is way too much coincidence that. The day period there can't be that many issues that much scandal in deceit. And just in public in Richmond you know pretending to be a great public servant I wish every public servant made as much money is. The clintons have been able to pull out a government not having built a single thing. Not having done anything other than peddle influence. Though the results speak for themselves in my mother's gonna do did you. He's gonna do great things for this country and you'll make their case rate here and make his case tonight Hillary Clinton there are reports out there that your father was furious. About what's fault lines needs. Sanity I think you it is obvious race. I haven't spoken we have today have been real. Dealing with a couple living today you'll talked and I haven't voted six has now I haven't last night I like some last night at you know eleven as he was going off on the motorcade and I had to do what's up. Pennsylvania go I'm a delegate for New York so. We've been keeping pretty busy today so I haven't spoken with directly but it. Was obviously doesn't want it to happen I think he's just very proud of the job that she did and delivery and exceeded the best as you possibly think it was an amazing thing and it's not against. Not an easy task we'll see LA I hope I do as well in my delivery she did you know a lot of lies Washington if I was on the convention floor yesterday yes. The divisions that still remain inside the Republican Party you happen never trump to stop I'll miss I get we've saying and I saw how the media do you know what when they lose votes. What is it 88 to twelve in the you know air everyone's trying to see all these guys and the politicians they. They hold their credentials and they they wait for the camera to turn on them and and they throw them on the floor like they're seated me much of it honestly I think it's guys looking for a few minutes of airtime. Yeah I've seen him do it time and time again it's usually the same characters running around doing the same nonsense. They run they wait for the camera moment and then they do their dramatic. Entrance and you know honestly it's nonsense I also saw. Thousands of people chanting trump. And USA because isn't what this that's about it's about this country to them bringing this country to get it I'll have a giving the people what they want my caller one. This nomination he did it with a record number of GOP voters because he's actually speaking to real Americans he's not speaking at. At them with so many of the politicians were in the you know they know everything and we're Gannett legislate from Washington we're gonna do it better because that's what we do. These guys haven't done that they haven't created real jobs haven't had people's livelihoods actually dependent on their success my father's medical rear and that. And I think that's big distinction I think both sides. Both parties really have to probably do a better job of actually listening to the voters. To rather than going by this whole notion that the use these. The people know what's right for themselves to and they elected with just a couple more questions here. I'm curious if you think that. Do you believe that Michelle Obama is owed an apology independently because of the similar recent speeches I don't know I don't know that Michelle Obama you know whoever is involved I don't think so odd man I don't think that's assuming of that magnitude and and I think. I understand from a media perspective trying to create a much bigger story out of something and it is but. Yeah I roots and no apology I don't. Do you think it heads should roll. Should somebody be fired inside you know I. You know I don't know the president knew people encampments and again obviously a speech of that size ninety you're gonna work with speechwriters I don't know that they should be you know involved going forward but it has definitely hopeful our unity of advances that I'm hearing. Around it for people trying to be relevant to you suspect your father's angry it's somebody allowed. What was lottery is not thrilled about the situation. But we're gonna move on. We're gonna do we're gonna do we're gonna have an incredible invention were not what that dominate dialogue. You know. Hopefully I'll do a good job tonight of the ways to be talking about me this way tomorrow and I'll definitely don't tomorrow area in the fetal position crying on the stage. My heart I think they'll get currently expect that you'll be final here in the states but let me ask you there were a lot of people we Ponte one. Has had a bit of the dark tone to it yeah I didn't see it and from the people that I saw this a lot of excitement this a lot of diversity in the Caracas on diversity in the speakers. Actually addressing relations and so you know again from what I understand and I knew it trying to build buildings and build hotels for a living that's alleges that we're pretty new to politics. Let him from the people that I know guys like yourself what become friendly with them a new cycle you know. Do this reliving it an a for 25 years hey that was awesome the level of excitement was the best first in the convention I've seen her at that time and time again haven't enacted. A narrative that every illustrated the rough the Phillips when he foreigners like epic. But yes that's not the narrative I'm hearing from people on the ground we get it in a missile what is the most optimistic. Note you hope to meet tonight. So I just want to talk about my father's great American and it's built an incredible business I had it ring common sense which is just been totally. You know lost. In government and in DC. Bring that back into the equation. With with the men and women who built this country to people who he speaking to directly bypassing. Again all of the beats and you know all of this self proclaimed it but. By passing all of that is going right the people who matter. I wanna get that's when you dance beats here later in the week. Again the whole family will be here any down your mind at Milan each from. Will come back and sentiment no doubt whatsoever. Canada. And have you talked to Maria I haven't analogous and in his book my kitchen today it is an embarrassment normally deal and that's. I get an equity commitment but it's what he's been of that it's mr. Listen I so it's a journalist. You know. You know I really. It's not easy. I see that they experience it myself minds and bodies which it is amazing to us here tonight in particular time records.

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{"duration":"9:36","description":"Ahead of his father's nomination, Trump's oldest child talks about making the case for his father as the next president of the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"40713797","title":"Donald Trump Jr. Discusses His Father, the RNC and Melania's Speech","url":"/WNT/video/donald-trump-jr-discusses-father-rnc-melanias-speech-40713797"}