Donald Trump Says Ted Cruz Has a Cloud Over His Head

Cruz whose mother was an American, was born in Canada.
2:53 | 01/07/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Says Ted Cruz Has a Cloud Over His Head
And out of the race for 2016 tonight and Donald Trump who once famously questioned whether President Obama was born in the US is now bring up similar questions about his closest challenger. Ted crews currently leading trump in some polls in Iowa now coming under attack Donald Trump reminding voters Cruz was born in Canada. And when trump was asked today do you believe senator cruise is a natural born citizen. Trump left it wide open. ABC's Tommy Thomas one on one with Ted Cruz tonight for his response. Tonight dual troll. Seen his toughest challenger senator Ted Cruz as a quote cloud over his head do you believe senator Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen I don't know can be honest trump now warning Democrats will make an issue the fact that cruise was born in Canada he's got this cloud over his head I don't think it's going to be possible for him to do very well. I don't think it's actually possible for the Republicans to let it happen. Because you have just glad. It Iowa today crews whose mother is an American citizen firing back the child of the US citizen born abroad. Is a natural born six. People will continue to. Make political noise about it but as a legal matter it's quite straightforward rolled famously used the brook the issue gets President Obama. Challenged him to prove he was importing Kenya. What just last year trump himself told ABC news that cruise doesn't have a problem that's fine that was checked out by every attorney and every which way and I understand that is in fine shape but back then Cruz was trailing badly. Tonight some polls have who's leading in Iowa and we were one on one with him on his campaign bus ask you about Tron. I was talking about you know that you were born candidate not not criticizing it would seem that you could have problems with that. Why do you think he's doing. I'll look out and I'm not gonna try to psychoanalyze Donald Trump you know my view. If he about it he sees his as a threat the only you have to ask him. Cruises tried his best to ignore Trump's attacks the fiery Texas senator energizing Iowa Republicans it is conservative base. We were there when a woman broke down in tears just talking to. We're done with some Republicans worry cruise is too polarizing to when willing to compromise with congress to winning the general election. How can your president. The Democrats and he pulled from Washington so much can be effective at it the Democrats Hillary Clinton to describes her quote enemies. As Republicans as half of the country she considers her enemies I don't hate the Democrats. And now Tom Thomas off the bus tonight at live with us from Iowa and Tom Donald Trump. Suggesting that crews go to court to clear up this issue of citizenship. That's right David trump now seen a judge could put this whole issue to bed. But senator Ted Cruz is not taking the bait he just got off his boss and I just asked him again for a second time but he says this issue is settled if he's elected he can become president. David Tom Thomas witnessed tonight after his one on one with Ted Cruz Tom thank you.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Cruz whose mother was an American, was born in Canada.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"36131599","title":"Donald Trump Says Ted Cruz Has a Cloud Over His Head","url":"/WNT/video/donald-trump-ted-cruz-cloud-head-36131599"}