Donald Trump's Reality Check

Trump steamrolled his competition in the New Hampshire primary.
4:33 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump's Reality Check
We begin here with major new developments in the race for 2016. The chips falling fast after New Hampshire two candidates now out of the race Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina dropping out. Last night the outsiders winning. And after that huge win for Donald Trump in New Hampshire is now in south Carolina at this hour about to hold a major event. Trump one New Hampshire more than doubling his nearest opponent. The other headline the surprise second finish for Ohio governor John Kasich as we ask him is he ready for a battle with trump. And senator Marco Rubio tonight explaining to us why he came in fifth place revealed what into the ABC debate and his performance. ABC's Jonathan Karl in South Carolina tonight asking can any Republican now be trump. Donald Trump's victory in a word huge steam rolling the competition I wanted to congratulate. The other candidates okay. Now that I got that oh boy it. You know it's always stop and led to borrow boom boom. But that's the waited to date for anyone who thought trump was just a reality star. It's New Hampshire was a reality check trump pulverized his closest rival tool to warn. Now it's already predicting his next victory we are. We are going now. South Carolina we're gonna win in South Carolina. What in South Carolina trump is already under attack by Ted Cruz who to be released this video. Yeah and little rectangle. It can't be a real game yeah. South Carolina today. Crowd for Ohio governor John Casey was last night's surprise second place finisher running an upbeat campaign tonight. The light overcame the darkness back. Okay. To date T six says he's ready to point. Don't mess with me okay. So I'm not gonna be a pin cushion or marshmallow. But I'm also not gonna spend my time trying to trash other people. Perhaps the biggest disappointment in New Hampshire was. Blaming his defeat disaster. Our disappointment tonight is not on you it's on me. I did not. I did not do well on Saturday nights a listen to this that will never happen again. Don't tell is repeated on CBC news debate and let's dispel once and for all of this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing he knows exactly what he's doing. Minutes later let's dispel what this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing today we caught up with a rubio as he and his family left snow we New Hampshire. Are you guys on here. On board his campaign plane. Closure orders but later one on one I asked him to explain what went wrong. I happen. Did the debated. You know I have made the decision that it wanna get into a debate where I would attack other Republicans and in hindsight you know they doubt the mistaken shipment done that way because what it did is it. Move veto message that prohibited away from the question and kind of let that this perception that I tried to evade it. Rubio tells me he's now ready to hit on cultural let's face lit up tree and my campaign has largely been about avoiding those sorts of the Republican fights now. It is a policy difference we'll talk about policy it's. But we're gonna go after those three we're gonna talk about policy difference looking is now the front page is now clearly the front of the Republican nomination. Jon Karl with us now from South Carolina John you and I were a New Hampshire last night you're already in South Carolina. Donald Trump about to take the stage there behind he loves the polls teller viewers tonight where does he stand there. David he has led at every major poll South Carolina there's October the most recent hours a week for the Iowa Caucuses he had a double. Meantime John the other developing headline tonight it is typically happens after New Hampshire two candidates dropping out of the race. New Jersey governor Chris Christie saying he is leading the race meeting at his campaign staff late today after spending time with his family his wife on this. And former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina announcing she's out to. Suddenly the stakes even higher for those who are left. Ads. Slowly remember this race notably seventeen. Republican candidates now we're down to six Donald Trump need and five others all dividing up. See if you don't vote. And that leaves trump solidly. I like Jon Karl reporting in from South Carolina tonight John bank.

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{"id":36848934,"title":"Donald Trump's Reality Check","duration":"4:33","description":"Trump steamrolled his competition in the New Hampshire primary.","url":"/WNT/video/donald-trumps-reality-check-36848934","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}