The Double Life of Alleged Kidnapper Ariel Castro

Neighbors say Castro befriended neighborhood children and gave them rides on a motorcycle.
2:43 | 05/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Double Life of Alleged Kidnapper Ariel Castro
Because we've had a chance to hear for the first time radio transmissions from the police as they were approaching the house and investigating. Here is the moment. It's very short, just a few seconds. Here's the moment they knew they had found the women inside that house. Listen. We found them. We found them. There it is, the moment we found them. And as we are learning the harrowing details of the living that were being lived there abc's alex perez joins us now. He's been reporting on the man accused of this crime. Reporter: This is what the house where ariel castro allegedly held three women hostage looked like in 2009. Boarded up, shades drawn. Tonight we're learning more about what happened during the time the women were missing -- and the double life their alleged captor led. Look closely at this video from 2008, when all three girls were missing. This startling police dashcam video. Castro rides into a gas station, gets off his motorcycle, and is approached by an officer. Let me see your driver's license. Excuse me? Driver's license, please. What's wrong? You don't have a helmet on. You don't have a license to operate it. You're subjecting yourself to being arrested. Is that what you want? No, sir, I don't. Reporter: The charges from that incident, later dropped. The 2004 cleveland police visited castro's house and knocked on the door because of a problem he had at work. There was no answer. And for all that time, most neighbors say they never saw anything unusual, but elsie sint rowan said she did. Seen a girl crawling back there naked in the backyard of that house. Reporter: Police insist they never received any calls for concern at the house. IN FACT, WHEN jeno DeJesus vanished, he joined the quest to find her back in 2004. He came up, grabbed some flyers, hugged gina's father, so he was definitely very, very sophisticated in his evil. Reporter: If castro is guiltyof this, one family member speculated on the type of deception it would have taken to fool everyone. Apparently he was living two personalities. The personality that was dealing with kids and driving the bus, the personality of being a musician and playing the bass, and the personality that was behind him that was committing this crime. Reporter: Authorities tonight expanding their investigation now searching seval of the vacant abandoned homes on this block. So diane, this investigation, not over yet. Thanks so much, alex, for the news out of cleveland tonight.

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{"id":19138262,"title":"The Double Life of Alleged Kidnapper Ariel Castro","duration":"2:43","description":"Neighbors say Castro befriended neighborhood children and gave them rides on a motorcycle.","url":"/WNT/video/double-life-alleged-kidnapper-ariel-castro-19138262","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}