Dr. Anthony Fauci says a COVID-19 vaccine before November is ‘unlikely’

There are more than 1,000 COVID-19 cases and counting at the University of South Carolina and Indiana University, where students are being quarantined.
3:09 | 09/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dr. Anthony Fauci says a COVID-19 vaccine before November is ‘unlikely’
We turn now to the coronavirus and the race for a vaccine. Dr. Anthony Fauci with a reality check, after that CDC alert to all 50 states to be ready for a possible vaccine by November 1st. It comes as more than 186,000 lives have been lost and cases are rising in 15 states, many linked to colleges. Concerns over crowds like this outside of a bar near the university of Oklahoma. And there is news tonight that a Hollywood star and his family are among the latest to test positive. Here's ABC's Victor Oquendo. Reporter: After the CDC asked states to be ready by November 1st to distribute a possible vaccine, Dr. Anthony Fauci today saying it's unlikely we will know if we have a safe and effective vaccine before November. I think most of the people feel it's going to be November, December. It is conceivable that you could have it by October, though I don't think that that's likely. Reporter: The race for a vaccine all the more urgent as new outbreaks threaten college campuses and towns. More than 1,000 cases and counting at the universities of South Carolina and Indiana, where 30 Greek houses are quarantined. The school is extremely concerned it is seeing uncontrolled spread there. I think you just hear around the grapevine people getting it. Reporter: After scenes like this outside offcampus bars at West Virginia university and the university of Oklahoma in Norman, some students are worried. We have campus corner which is the block right next to campus and that's all of our bars and stuff. And there's no masks there, so if you don't get it here, you're going to get it somewhere in Norman and bring it to campus. Reporter: Just days after teams were rushed to S. We don't want to see college students who are infected get sent home to essentially seed the infection in the community where they live. Reporter: The youngest and strongest among us not immune. Dwayne "The rock" Johnson revealing his whom family got infected after a get-together. We picked up covid-19 from close family friends. These are people that we love and trust. They're devastated that it led to them infecting our family. Reporter: Johnson's daughters had mild symptoms and the family recovered, but he's putting in place new rules at his house -- testing before get-togethers. If you guys are having family and friends over to your house, you know them, you trust them, they've been quarantining just like you guys, you still never know. Reporter: In Texas, Freddy Guerrero was the hardest hit of 20 family members who got the virus. He spent 62 days the hospital, had to learn to walk and talk all over again. But this week, he could finally go home. Welcome home, baby. You get to sleep in your own bed tonight. We love you, brother. We love you. So great to see scenes like that. And Victor joins us now from Miami beach. Victor, there's concerns about crowds going into this labor day weekend, but Miami beach will be open? Reporter: Tom, this will be the first major holiday weekend that Miami's beaches will be open since the beginning of the pandemic. They were closed over the fourth of July and memorial day because across the board, Miami's numbers were so bad. You can expect an increased police presence to help control the crowd size. Tom? Victor, thank you. Now to the race for 2020. Joe Biden in the battleground

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"There are more than 1,000 COVID-19 cases and counting at the University of South Carolina and Indiana University, where students are being quarantined.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"72802904","title":"Dr. Anthony Fauci says a COVID-19 vaccine before November is ‘unlikely’","url":"/WNT/video/dr-anthony-fauci-covid-19-vaccine-november-72802904"}