Drama in the Sky

Investigators are trying to figure out how pieces of a plane came through the roof of a house.
1:53 | 05/23/13

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Transcript for Drama in the Sky
What if you were sitting in your house one day and all of a sudden part of a jet came crashing through your roof in investigators are trying to figure out how and why that exact scenario played out in georgia. Reporter: Pamela ware says she could have died. If it hadn't landed in here, because this is just sheetrock, it would have -- oh, boy, I wouldn't be no good. Reporter: She was watching television in her bedroom when all of a sudden, a heavy piece of an airplane's wing came busting through her georgia home and bounced through the house. Here's what the piece looks like compared to the size of a door. And I go s. It's automatic and not that it was going to stop if it hits me but, it's just reaction. Reporter: This plane was dropping parts for more than four miles, above neighborhoods, out of the sky. China airlines 5254, a 747 cargo plane was about to land at atlanta's international airport when its right wing flap suddenly broke into two pieces. Witnesses say a 20-foot chunk the plane landed successfully. In the past, investigations have revealed that it could be a maintenance issue or it could be a fatigue issue. Or something that was overlooked, such as a latch or a cowelling was not secure before takeoff, or something of that nature. Reporter: As planes get older and older, experts say to expect this to happen more often. Last fall it was a refrigerator-sized plane door that fell into a seattle suburb. Last summer it was dagger-sized pieces of an air canada jet that crashed through car windows in toronto. Federal investigators in atlanta have torn this plane apart trying to figure what went wrong. I just keep thinking of what could have happened. Reporter: Pamela ware says she can't sleep right and says the airline needs to come to fix her home. Steve osunsami, abc, news, ellenwood, georgia. We are glad she's okay,

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{"id":19245732,"title":"Drama in the Sky","duration":"1:53","description":"Investigators are trying to figure out how pieces of a plane came through the roof of a house.","url":"/WNT/video/drama-sky-19245732","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}