Dramatic End to Week-Long Hunt for Abducted Teen

Investigators led to Idaho wilderness where they found kidnapped girl.
3:00 | 08/11/13

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Transcript for Dramatic End to Week-Long Hunt for Abducted Teen
New details tonight after that dramatic and -- weeklong manhunt through several states in the west. The search for a man who abducted a teenager after targeting her family. Ending in the Idaho wilderness. Blackhawk helicopters carrying the swat team hundreds of agents from the FBI to the local sheriff's department strategically gathering. Two and a half hours from where they thought the suspect was hiding with the young girl. All armed and ready to quietly move in. And tonight sixteen year old Hannah Anderson is free reunited with her father. ABC's -- -- -- this evening on the moment authorities knew they had to act fast. Hannah Anderson he is safe and being reunited with their father tonight -- knows. Around noon Wednesday they spotted the sixteen year old and her accused kidnapper. Family friend James DiMaggio. Thursday night one of those writers a retired sheriff's deputy reported that citing -- authorities. And AMBER Alert was on both television and I've told a lot of us that that you'll look girl was singled well. Hundreds of federal agents descended on the rugged Idaho back woods and at 8 o'clock Friday morning they found DiMaggio scar hidden under brush. Saturday afternoon a plane spotted what looked like a campsite to surprise DiMaggio members of the FBI hostage rescue team. Drop from a helicopter and -- two and a half hours through treacherous terrain. The FBI will not detail what happened next except to say DiMaggio was given every chance to surrender before he was shot at 5:22 Saturday evening. Authorities say not only did he kidnap -- who friends say he had a crush on but he killed her mother and eight year old brother. Their bodies found in his burning home in San Diego County California. There are striking similarities between the life and death of James DiMaggio and his father of the same name listener this. The San Diego union Tribune reported back in 1989. -- -- senior was arrested for breaking into a home and holding a sixteen year old girl at gun point. Police say DiMaggio handcuffed her boyfriend to a bed post but the girl that same age as Hanna. Escape through a bathroom window. Family friends say DiMaggio is -- committed suicide on August 10 all those years ago. The exact same day his son was killed by the FBI. There's definitely something that snapped -- the only thing that makes sense is this correlation between the dates. What the data that it's father's suicide tonight we do believe Hanna is with her father and that she is unharmed. At least physically. The family is keeping that reunion private and after the week this young woman has had. Who can blame them.

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{"id":19931510,"title":"Dramatic End to Week-Long Hunt for Abducted Teen","duration":"3:00","description":"Investigators led to Idaho wilderness where they found kidnapped girl. ","url":"/WNT/video/dramatic-end-week-long-hunt-abducted-teen-19931510","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}