Dramatic rescue of 11-year-old-girl in Massachusetts

Charlotte Moccia, of Springfield, was rescued Wednesday night after she was apparently abducted after getting off a school bus earlier that afternoon.
1:58 | 01/17/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dramatic rescue of 11-year-old-girl in Massachusetts
here to the dramatic rescue of an 11-year-old girl kidnapped on her way home from school. An amber alert had just gone out. Neighbors and strangers spreading the word. And tonight here, what one couple did to save her. We have remarkable images this evening, as they chase her abductor's car, never letting that car out of their sight. Tonight, police have taken the suspect into custody, and here's ABC's erielle reshef. That's him, that's him. Reporter: Tonight, those heart-stopping moments as neighbors in Springfield, Massachusetts, chase down an accused abductor. This is a blue Honda civic and they're doing 100 miles an hour right now. Reporter: Police say inside that car, 11-year-old Charlotte Moccia. He's blowing through red lights. Reporter: Kidnapped six hours earlier as she got off her school bus, sparking an amber alert. I flashed my high beams and the guy pulls up his hood and covers his face. Started to dart up Harvey street and I darted right behind him. Reporter: Strangers spreading the word on social media. Others spotting the vehicle, desperately calling for help. Car was running and he just grabbed her and throw her in the backseat. She was screaming. She was saying "Stop, put me down, stop. Put me down." Reporter: Plus in pursuit. Possible vehicle headed eastbound on the pike in regards to that amber alert. Reporter: Rescuing the girl. I have that girl in custody here. Confirming you have that female? Affirmative. Reporter: The suspect, 24-year-old Miguel Rodriguez, lined on multiple charges, including kidnapping and assault. Charlotte reunited with her family. Astute residents now credited with her safe return. People were out looking for this car. It was amazing. Reporter: David, police are calling this a case of stranger abduction, and tonight, we're learning that suspect may have threatened that child with a knife. A not guilty MRE has been entered on his behalf. David? Just incredible. Erielle, thank you. Now to that major winter storm barrelling across the

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"Charlotte Moccia, of Springfield, was rescued Wednesday night after she was apparently abducted after getting off a school bus earlier that afternoon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"68338375","title":"Dramatic rescue of 11-year-old-girl in Massachusetts","url":"/WNT/video/dramatic-rescue-11-year-girl-massachusetts-68338375"}