Drones in High Demand This Holiday Season

The FAA estimates nearly 1 million drones ended up under Christmas trees this year.
1:47 | 12/28/15

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Transcript for Drones in High Demand This Holiday Season
Tonight, the drove invasion. Hoverboards weren't the only big ticket item this holiday season. The FAA estimates about 1 million drones ended up under Christmas trees this year. So as drone lovers take their new toys out for a spin, new questions tonight about safety. Can consumers keep their high-flying contraptions from flying into trouble? Here's Marci Gonzalez. Reporter: Across the country this weekend, drones. Barely out of their Christmas wrapping, already crashing and colliding. These unmanned aircraft, causing more than just mishaps. They can be downright dangerous. Just last week at this world cup event, a drone narrowly missing a champion skiier. And last month, one barreling down onto a race in Massachusetts, cutting two of the runners. I heard some commotion, so I quickly looked over and I just saw the drone coming down. Reporter: In an effort to track down anyone whose drone goes rogue, the FAA now requires all unmanned aircraft weighing more than half a pound to be registered. Anyone who doesn't could face up to a $27,500 civil fine. Think about this is not just a toy. That this is something that could endanger other people's lives if you use it irresponsibly. Reporter: People using drones as a hobby don't have to be trained or certified to fly. But with so many potential risks, drone schools like Chris spiecher's dart drones are popping up nationwide. I think it's irresponsible for people to go out without any knowledge of what they're doing. Reporter: Teaching everything from the rules to how to keep this from happening to you. Marci Gonzalez, ABC news, new York.

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{"duration":"1:47","description":"The FAA estimates nearly 1 million drones ended up under Christmas trees this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"35968018","title":"Drones in High Demand This Holiday Season","url":"/WNT/video/drones-high-demand-holiday-season-35968018"}