Educators in 2 states join growing teacher strike in the US

In Oklahoma, where salaries are among the worst, one teacher works four jobs.
2:05 | 04/02/18

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Transcript for Educators in 2 states join growing teacher strike in the US
Next, to tens of thousands of teachers, parents and students standing shoulder to shoulder at the capital in Oklahoma City today. They were demanding higher teacher pay. Now among the lowest in the country. But also classroom supplies they say the schools desperately need. It's the latest in a wave of protests sweeping across the country, led by teachers who say the future of public education is at stake. ABC's Clayton Sandell is in Oklahoma City. Reporter: Oklahoma and Kentucky tonight, the latest states joining a red-state teacher rebellion. ??? We're not gonna take it anymore ??? Reporter: Tens of thousands and of teachers and students trading classrooms for the capital. In Oklahoma, 70% of public schools closed. Those teachers, along with edge Kay torps in West Virginia, Arizona and Kentucky are riding a growing wave of anger made by republican-led legislatures. Oklahoma teachers are demanding about $150 million to fix classrooms and buy new supplies. Duct tape on your books? Yes. Duct tape everywhere, because the pages fall out. Reporter: Oklahoma teacher salaries are among the worst in the nation. Thereea Mathis works four jobs. I teach dance two nights a week, I clean our local theater three nights a week. Reporter: Lawmakers last week approved $50 million for schools and a $6,000 raise for teachers. Hope that they can come up here and say thank you on Monday and go back to the classrooms. Reporter: But teachers say it's not enough. It's a band-aid. Now we need an actual cure. Because you can only stop the bleeding for so long. Clayton Sandell joins us live from Oklahoma City tonight. And Clayton, we're seeing more teachers in more states starting to protest. Is there a sense of how widespread this could become? Reporter: Yeah, Tom. The next state threatening to strike is Arizona. Teachers there want a 20% pay hike. Now, the movement we have seen spread from West Virginia to Kentucky to here in Oklahoma, where many schools are already closed tomorrow in anticipation of more walkouts. Tom? Clayton Sandell and those massive teacher protests.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"In Oklahoma, where salaries are among the worst, one teacher works four jobs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"54190146","title":"Educators in 2 states join growing teacher strike in the US","url":"/WNT/video/educators-states-join-growing-teacher-strike-us-54190146"}