Edward Snowden Wants Political Asylum in Russia

After weeks in Moscow airport, NSA leaker breaks his silence.
1:41 | 07/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Edward Snowden Wants Political Asylum in Russia
Out of hiding. Edward snowden, who leaked so many documents, showed his face for a moment today. But he is still stuck in the airport in moscow. Why the surprise appearance? Brian ross has that. Reporter: Tonight, the one time american spy turned fugitive is trapped. That became clear today after a small group of russian lawmakers and human rights makers were escorted to a closed off area of the moscow airport to meet with snow, 309-year-old former u.S. Contractor appeared gaunt, wearing a shirt much too large living some where in the transit area of the airport. While the u.S. Constitution wants to -- Reporter: One of his visitors made a cell phone video as snowden smoke and was interrupted by an announcement. Snowden said that he acted outside the low and made it impossible for him to travel outside of america. And so, snowden said, he wanted help getting temporary asylum from russian shall. He cannot say here indefinitely. There has to be a resolution. Reporter: Now with his u.S. Passport cancelled and on the no fly list, he appears to be cornered in a real life game of chess. Now, late breaking news to report tonight about the crash landing in san francisco.

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{"id":19654095,"title":"Edward Snowden Wants Political Asylum in Russia","duration":"1:41","description":"After weeks in Moscow airport, NSA leaker breaks his silence.","url":"/WNT/video/edward-snowden-political-asylum-russia-19654095","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}