Egypt in Turmoil: Violent Protests Leave Dozens Dead

Supporters of former President Mohamed Morsi gunned down during demonstrations.
1:36 | 07/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Egypt in Turmoil: Violent Protests Leave Dozens Dead
Government troops cracking down overnight, killing dozen of protesters who still supported morsi. Tonight, there's a possibility that he could be in the same jail as former president hosni mubarak. Abc's jeffery coffman in cairo tonight. Reporter: The death toll close to 100, perhaps more. With many more injured. Supporters of former president morsi gunned down, as they protested before dawn. The body of the dead lined up. Both sides deny instigating the violence. But since morsi was pushed out by the military just a year after his election, the country's divisions have only deepened. The former president is being held in jail under house arrest, accused of espionage and murder. And may head to the same cairo prison as hosni mu brashg. But morsi's biggest crime may have been being unpopular with most egyptians. In cairo, where supporters of morsi and his muslim brotherhood have been camped out, they reject the new military-backed government. Leave our country right now. Reporter: Today's violence threatens to derail the city. Washington is watching the military's next moves here very closely.

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{"id":19793705,"title":"Egypt in Turmoil: Violent Protests Leave Dozens Dead","duration":"1:36","description":"Supporters of former President Mohamed Morsi gunned down during demonstrations.","url":"/WNT/video/egypt-turmoil-violent-protests-leave-dozens-dead-19793705","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}