Egyptian 'Day of Rage' Protesters Challenge Military Rule

Gun battles erupt across Egypt as the violence continues to escalate.
2:20 | 08/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Egyptian 'Day of Rage' Protesters Challenge Military Rule
We do begin with the chaos in egypt and a day of rage. America's crucial ally spiraling into what appears to be a near civil war. Listen to the gunfire erupting in cairo. everyone there running for their lives outside this four seasons hotel in downtown cairo. Just a horrifying scene. This too, the people trapped on the bridge, the tear gas, they begin grasping for tables, the man in the white shirt, just trying to get off the bridge, some even jumping. Muhammad lila reports on the crisis in egypt after one of our own teams was surrounded on the streets. Reporter: The crowds arrived angry, looking for a fight. No more army, no more army in egypt! Reporter: And a fight is what they got. With army helicopters hovering overhead, the muslim brotherhood, angry at the overthrow of their elected president, erupted in anger. Reporter: Chanting "baltajiyya," or thugs. Many daring the military to shoot. We are peaceful. We don't have any weapons. Okay? This is my under, okay? And I am ready to die! It's better to die here. It's better to die here? Yes, it's better to die here as a martyr. Reporter: Then in the middle of an interview, the first sign of trouble. I'm going to cut this short because we're hearing gunfire. Reporter: You can hear right now there's gunfire coming from about 120 feet away from us. Look at the bridge. You can see people running for their lives. Reporter: We made a quick decision, splitting up, one team staying behind, my producer and I going to a second location, where our vehicle was surrounded by 50 armed thugs. They had guns, machetes, trying -- surrounded our cars, accused us of being spies. Eventually they let us go. Reporter: The city becomes a battlefield. This, a gunfight outside the luxury four seasons hotel. Elsewhere, some jumping for their lives off a bridge. Here, a tank stares down -- eventually firing on -- a man near the suez canal. Bloodshed at the critical passageway of the world's oil. David, according to some reports, at least 60 people were killed nationwide today and there is no end in sight to this bloody battle that's now ripping apart one of america's most important allies in this region.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Gun battles erupt across Egypt as the violence continues to escalate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19986870","title":"Egyptian 'Day of Rage' Protesters Challenge Military Rule","url":"/WNT/video/egyptian-day-rage-protesters-challenge-military-rule-19986870"}