Elizabeth Vargas Describes Struggle With Alcohol Addiction, Anxiety

The ABC News' anchor opens up to Diane Sawyer in an exclusive 20/20 interview.
3:45 | 09/10/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Elizabeth Vargas Describes Struggle With Alcohol Addiction, Anxiety
We move on here it is Friday night to a story close to us right here at ABC news. Our Elizabeth Vargas revealing her very personal battle opening up to Diane Sawyer tonight about her life threatening struggle with alcohol. And why she's now revealing her story hoping to help millions of others. Good evening tonight we're take on television she is the picture of comb. I'm Elizabeth Vargas in Baghdad traveling the world as a journalists return here to Jerusalem for some of those years. Elizabeth was secretly battling a life threatening addiction hand off campus thanks Lou it right. This there are days when you wake up in you feels so. Horrible. That the only thing that will make you feel better is more alcohol. And that's when you're in the death spin. It in that's when year that's when people die. That's when people die how closer to come to dying. I lay it on one occasion had what I knew to be a lethal level of alcohol in my blood system. And even that didn't scare me and stopping. Can you believe it. Even that. Haunted by crushing insecurity and anxiety that began as a child Elizabeth says it Glasser to move wind fueled by that anxiety. Over the years became a dangerous addiction there are millions of men and women battling this across the country. And this statistic. More than 60% of women who have a problem with alcohol. Also struggle with the anxiety and it begins tonight with to rest to watch Elizabeth anchor watch TV in moments of crisis. You have no idea she was forcing herself to suppress deep anxiety. If you watched carefully the beginning of every news cast early. Tonight we we'll see me lean men. And I gripped the desk with my right hand good evening from Los and an on my left hand which I'm holding my head I'm taking my engagement ring and a digging adjutant and I found. Why did you go in this business. If it was going to. Torment you I love to act I still laugh it. I love. Telling people stories of young people can look at you until you're so lucky really I am lucky. It's easy to say that on the outside looking at and first of all yes I am there's an you know. I am so lucky to have. Might two amazing children and to have this amazing job it doesn't matter how much you have or are a little you have. I did it didn't matter it it level to me. And Elizabeth remembers a moment on vacation with her boys the sun was out the boys were up. And she was in bed I was. Drinking and sleeping. Hand. Eighteen vividly remember like one afternoon Sam standing by that my head in the bed saying mommy when he can he get that up. And remember it could smell the suns' screen. And I could feel the heat from his little body. Easy just come in from the beach. And I would die for my children Diane I wouldn't give a nano seconds worth of thought to die for my children. To kill for my children but I would die for my children. But I couldn't stop drinking from my children. I don't know if I will ever forgive myself for hurting them with my drinking pattern. I have watched this hour it is extraordinarily candid and brave. Elizabeth and her conversation with Diane part of a special two hour block of 28 when he beginning tonight at 9 PM eastern. Right here on ABC Elizabeth we are always pulling for you here.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"The ABC News' anchor opens up to Diane Sawyer in an exclusive 20/20 interview. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"41989209","title":"Elizabeth Vargas Describes Struggle With Alcohol Addiction, Anxiety","url":"/WNT/video/elizabeth-vargas-describes-struggle-alcohol-addiction-anxiety-41989209"}