Emergency Rooms on Alert: Beware of Extreme Heat

Survival tips for record shattering temperatures as much of the country nears the 100 degree mark.
2:14 | 06/18/14

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Transcript for Emergency Rooms on Alert: Beware of Extreme Heat
At record heat in the -- says it all tonight. More than half the country with temperatures above ninety in many places nearing 100 record shattered paramedics on alert because the first round of -- Is often the toughest on your body. As we mentioned some schools letting children out early and then there was this in the heartland that monstrous tornado touching down and it was relentless. Hitting in nearly the same place were on the ground there to tonight but we begin with the heat and how long is this going to last here's ABC's Lindsay Janice. Three days until the official start of summer and the East Coast is already breaking records. The Mercury in Philadelphia. And 94 degrees paid sick ridiculously. It -- -- vibrant emotion. Philly so used to snow days instead sending kids home because of the heat. At the women's US open in Pinehurst North Carolina fans struggling to stay cool. At high noon -- Washington DC was the hottest city in the country with -- climbing to 94 degrees. Over ninety for the third day in a row ice -- now. And -- -- the first heat wave of the season can be a shock doctors say can be hard to acclimate to extreme temperature changes. The -- is staying prepared to know the signs and symptoms of dehydration -- dizziness nausea muscle cramping. To know when you need to drink more fluids. Especially if you're working out some light. Hot but I'm trying to give us that hydrated and I am I have more -- -- here and get ready for more. The National Weather Service predicts above normal temperatures for both cut loose and the south this summer. Meanwhile out west heat and gusty winds are fueling this wildfire in New Mexico. Burning more than two when he square miles and threatening homes. It's so dry in parts of California farmers are resorting to an old technique called dry farming. Which uses the moisture stored in the soil to grow crops instead of relying on rainfall or irrigation. -- this past years universities problems even though California is in the midst of her own right. And these high temperature is just a preview of what's to come remember the National Weather Service says this summer cooking one for the record books. David Wright Lindsey thank you.

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{"id":24203682,"title":"Emergency Rooms on Alert: Beware of Extreme Heat","duration":"2:14","description":"Survival tips for record shattering temperatures as much of the country nears the 100 degree mark.","url":"/WNT/video/emergency-rooms-alert-beware-extreme-heat-24203682","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}