An Energy Drink Made in America in a Dorm Room

Find out whether this inventor, using her own secret ingredients, can pass our taste test.
2:10 | 05/27/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for An Energy Drink Made in America in a Dorm Room
Funny tonight here is sort of made in America taste test but who knew there would be a 100000. Dollar surprise. We could to countless that we could across this country American inventors he determined to create jobs. At night. Eight investors out to make their case it can't just like Google like shark tank in morning sole power from Pittsburgh speakers that charger Smartphone. Sole power is how are generating issue is solved pared back from I was city the F that gives every student a chance to answer the question. That is the key to puts their hand at first and no teacher. Can hear our 35 kid's pocket wants me tell you about how we got started and there was talk Deanna from Monty energy drove North Carolina. In energy drink with green tea and from Jews. The judges skeptical at first this all sounds great that's almost unbelievable investors in the back trying it out. And we wanted to know what are the ingredients she came to our little kitchen at world news tonight. She came off that they still citrus and cherry and you literally came out but this Peru. You're warmer she points to the label to caffeine and antioxidants from green T quarter but orange and apple banana but we thought would let a taste test we'll start here. The caffeine in a newsroom it's nothing new. To down the hallway down the elevator to Central Park is right here. We stopped the first visitors we find David and world news tonight hey aria testing her made in America invention and Tzipi zipping. Tatiana zipping across park. Maybe I'm. The yoga student. Even the mom Nicole who says she doesn't usually go for energy drinks problem. But you saw the ingredients instead she'll try. Kentucky on the tonight even without our taste test already winning the winner this year. This Tatiana and not one judge of the people contest fighting her with a 100000 dollar investment. The American idea for an own kitchen fresh. We love made in America. Thank you for watching at a Wednesday night on David Muir and I hope to see you right back here tomorrow until them.

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{"id":31353274,"title":"An Energy Drink Made in America in a Dorm Room","duration":"2:10","description":"Find out whether this inventor, using her own secret ingredients, can pass our taste test.","url":"/WNT/video/energy-drink-made-america-dorm-room-31353274","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}