New England Towns Buried Under Feet of Snow

45 million people from New Jersey to Maine forced indoors from deep snow.
3:09 | 02/09/13

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Transcript for New England Towns Buried Under Feet of Snow
When we heard of one town getting 38 inches of snow, we could only imagine the difficulty of digging out, so we sent abc's gio benitez, just getting there was a task. Gio, glad to see you made it safely. Sfwlr thank you, david. We did get here safely. But that journey, oh, it wasn't easy. On road after road in connecticut, cars and their drivers are stuck in the snow. Even those with the right equipment. So, al here, trying to dig yourself out and you get stuck? I got stuck good. Reporter: As we made our way to central connecticut. We found drivers in need of a little push. With roads in connecticut closed, we made the slow drive to milford, the ground zero in this storm. This is what 38 inches of snow looks like. After howling wind gusts overnight, people in this town of 50,000 have been working since the early morning to get from out from under the snow. Everything buried. A trash can, a no parking sign. Jenny smith is trying to dig herself out. Do you still like the snow? I do.But it's nice to look at but not to shovel. Reporter: So, it could take days for all of this snow to melt. Your best and safest bet is to just stay off those roads. I want to bring in weather editor sam champion. Everyone asking, is this system finally on its way out? Well, david it's on its way out here. We started off this storm just 24 hours ago, talking diane sawyer right here in the exact spot. We're standing on the snow pile that's been cleared. Look at this satellite picture. Look at that. Does it look like a hurricane eye? It's not. As this storm pulls away from the coastline, it's similar to a hurricane category 1 reading. First time I have seen that from a snow system pulling away from new england. Now the remaining snow right on the coast of maine there, on the cape. The wind will still be here for another 24 hours. So, some colder temperatures overnight. Take a look at the numbers. In portland, 31 inches. Their biggest snow total in a snow event. That area that gio is in, that area 30 to 40 inches of snow that's considered a record in about any location. Boston, their fifth biggest snowstorm ever. We'll watch this storm system pull away now. A little warm-up will be welcomed here in the northeast. But another storm out west? . We'll have two cold days monday afternoon and evening. But look at the blizzard warning that's already out with this next snow maker. It's sunday from denver to minneapolis. Picking up snow. In that red zone, in nebraska, by noon on monday we're looking at blizzard warnings again.

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{"id":18452687,"title":"New England Towns Buried Under Feet of Snow","duration":"3:09","description":"45 million people from New Jersey to Maine forced indoors from deep snow.","url":"/WNT/video/england-towns-buried-feet-snow-18452687","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}