Epic Showdown: College Football Rivalry Ignites Fan Frenzy

75,000 fans fill Miami stadium for BCS matchup between Notre Dame and Alabama.
2:40 | 01/07/13

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Transcript for Epic Showdown: College Football Rivalry Ignites Fan Frenzy
And finally tonight, the stars have aligned, the super fans have arrived and the players are getting ready to march onto the field, as two of the most storied teams in college sports finally collide. And at the secenter of it all, abc's josh elliott right there. Josh? Reporter: Oh, diane, the atmosphere here in miami is electric and rightfully so. Alabama and notre dame bring their shared legacies of historical scope and singular excellence to the field. One of those legacies will be burnished th another national title. And if you're not one of the 75,000 people lucky enough to pack this stadium, you might be one of the 30 million plus watching at home. An audience that figures to make this the most watched cable event in television history. Two football powerhouses, with legacies on the line. The blue and gold fighting irish of notre dame and the crimson tide of alabama. This is the game. The one everyone wants to see. And the rush for tickets almost brutal as the fight on the field. They are ready to see their two teams play for a national title. Take a look. I mean, look at how far this stretches. The average ticket is going for almost $2,000. But if you want the best, a box suite, that's going for a remarkable $200,000. Even the nosebleeds, nearly a grand a piece. Hall of famer joe namath on hand to support his former team. Roll tide! You betcha, buddy. Reporter: These two teams last played in 1987, and for notre dame, it's been almost that long since their last national title. But a lucky charm for one group of players. Growing their beards since the season began. Waiting to shave for a loss that never came. The beard gang has a social media following and several fans have now grown beards in solidarity. Going against alabama, you know, to be the beat, you have to beat the best. Reporter: Tonight, it's legacydynasty. Alabama is defending a national title. If they win, a third title in four years. Unmatched feat in the current bcs era. To win another one, oh, man, it speaks highly of our program and what we do around here. Reporter: For a sense of the magnitude, diane, know this. My colleagues, former colleagues at espn have told me this is the biggest event in the company's history. S there for the wild ride, josh elliott. Thank you so much, everybody. Want everybody to know, the big game is on espn, coverage begins at 8:00 p.M. Eastern time.

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{"id":18156416,"title":"Epic Showdown: College Football Rivalry Ignites Fan Frenzy","duration":"2:40","description":"75,000 fans fill Miami stadium for BCS matchup between Notre Dame and Alabama. ","url":"/WNT/video/epic-showdown-college-football-rivalry-ignites-fan-frenzy-18156416","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}