Evidence Mounts in Missile Attack on Malaysian Airlines Jet

Russia makes its case, U.S. experts remain skeptical in Ukraine tragedy.
2:19 | 07/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Evidence Mounts in Missile Attack on Malaysian Airlines Jet
And now -- brings us to the urgent push for answers tonight who took down that plane and why and what role did the Russians play. Here's ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross with the newest -- tonight. It. In a setting reminiscent of -- Soviet era command book. The Clinton and Russian officials today offered their version -- what happened to the Malaysian air flight using a supposedly radar screen shot. And comically in accurate graphics at the official said a Ukraine and issue 25 bomber was near the jetliner and could have shot it down. Current and former US officials called that nonsense. I think that every fighter pilot in the world probably burst out laughing when he heard heard the Russians accusing an SU 25 of shooting down anything. It wouldn't encourage each scan some weeks in it. As first reported by the new republic Russian media is putting outs and even more implausible theory. That Ukraine shot the plane down because it thought the jet was president Putin's official aircraft. Or that the downed -- was actually full of already dead bodies blown out by the US over Ukraine to provoke a war with Russia. Whenever they're caught. With their hand in the cookie jar they make up blocked the law is to confuse people. Yet the evidence tying in Russia to the -- continues to mount from four different sources. Photographs. Which Ukraine says shows a Russian SA eleven missile launcher parked in a rebel held village just before the -- And then later a trail of white smoke right after the launch. Electronic intelligence from US satellites reportedly showing the missile launcher as it turns on its radar to acquire the target. And then fires. Then telephone intercepts the US says are of Russian and rebel commanders. -- their surprise when they Allard it was a passenger jet not a military plane that had been shot down. And finally video evidence that Ukraine says shows -- missile launcher sneaking back into Russia with only two of its original four missiles still. On board. And asked to those black boxes the phone intercepts also -- the rebels getting instructions supposedly from Moscow. To hide or secure the -- -- boxes. The size of their -- all right thank you so much frank good to have your reporting on the investigation.

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{"id":24656025,"title":"Evidence Mounts in Missile Attack on Malaysian Airlines Jet ","duration":"2:19","description":"Russia makes its case, U.S. experts remain skeptical in Ukraine tragedy.","url":"/WNT/video/evidence-mounts-missile-attack-malaysian-airlines-jet-24656025","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}