Extreme Storms Coast to Coast

Flash flooding takes cars through the streets of Colorado; summer storms spark power outages in the Northeast.
2:20 | 08/12/15

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Transcript for Extreme Storms Coast to Coast
and tornado warnings outside Denver as well. A funnel cloud just before we came on the air. A dangerous commute today. A powerful storm slamming Colorado, interstate 285. Oh, my god. You can see and hear the hail there. A river of mud meantime in Colorado Springs. Bye-bye daddy's car. Watching as the family car washes away. Flood waters lifting the cars. In Phoenix tonight, look at this, a massive dust storm, late word hikers trapped on camel back mountain as that dust storm moves in. Here's chief meteorologist Geno smith tonight. Reporter: Tonight, frightening moments atop camel back mountain. There's a giant, P giant dust storm coming our way. Reporter: A towering dust storm trapping hikers. Raking the Phoenix landscape, visibility, near zero at times. Look at this, a funnel cloud and lightning just east of Denver tonight. In manitou springs, Colorado a frightening video. Our mailbox is gone! Reporter: Those same streets flash flooding again Monday. Bye-bye daddy's car. Reporter: Up to two inches of rain inducing the muddy water. It's happened several times since the Waldo canyon fire in 2012 scarred that mountain side. And on the east coast, summer storms flooding streets in Connecticut, taking down trees and sparking power outages in New York City. A Tuesday deluge all white one neighborhood in Boston deals with this, a major sinkhole caused by a water main break. Incredible. Let's get right to ginger now. We saw that storm hitting new England. Right to the maps we go. You can see from the mid-atlantic and southeast all the way to New York City we've got those spotty showers. Some could become storms and then severe storms. We're done with this thing by midnight. We'll dry out, clear out, much less humid. We were talking about that funnel spotted east of Denver. There are storms happening through the day on Wednesday. That moisture, the monsoon flow in place. The excessive heat watch, that ridge of high pressure that's been baking the south actually moves back to the west. Horrible for the northwest, too. It's the low pressure system off that coast that's sparking the lightning and the wind for the fires. Thinking about our viewers in the northwest as well, ginger thank you.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Flash flooding takes cars through the streets of Colorado; summer storms spark power outages in the Northeast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33026875","title":"Extreme Storms Coast to Coast","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-storms-coast-coast-33026875"}