Extreme Weather: Bracing for More Dangerous Weather

Ginger Zee with the latest on floods, fires and another tornado across the country.
2:47 | 05/28/13

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Transcript for Extreme Weather: Bracing for More Dangerous Weather
this new week together, millions of american families are bracing for severe storms and already tonight new tornadoes. Here is one touching down in corning, kansas. And in a lot of other places, there are a lot of ferocious storms and a lot of hail. Let's get right to it with ginger zee. Diane, the atmosphere tonight is fuel for violent storms and we're already watching tornado warnings from texas to nebraska, to michigan. Reporter: Tonight severe weather is on the move again. Tornadoes reported across the plains. Just one of many weather extremes across america. In california, high winds and dry conditions are driving raging brush fires. In the plains and midwest, hundreds of severe weather reports this weekend, including 22 reported tornados and softball-sized hail. For northwest iowa, flooding. Nearly ten inches of rain, destroying 1,500 businesses and homes. Last night a colossal tornado in north kansas. This is what it looked like inside. Reporter: Storm chasers brandon ivey and sean casey deliberately drove into this tornado. I would standing up and manning my camera. I just left it running and I was pancaked on the ground. Reporter: Using casey's tank like vehicle called the tiv. This isn't their first time inside a tornado. They've filmed with an imax camera and the thank they ride is in is made for this. Reporter: See those spikes on the sides? They use them to grab the ground. The vehicle can then be lowered, so wind goes up and over, like the opposite of an airplane wing, forcing it to stay on the ground. Tornados are one of nature's great mysteries. And with video like this, we can get valuable information about how they form, how they grow, and that can be used to help warn the public and also teach how to build structures to withstand them. That exotic cross section of violence and beauty. I wanted to capture that up close and personal. Ginger, what else are you seeing out there right now as we're watching all this? Tonight the threat is still very evident for a lot of folks. I want to show you exactly who has to be concerned. Stretching from texas through oklahoma, northern missouri, all the way into western pennsylvania and new york. That's just tonight. The set-up for this week, with the jet stream the way that it's moving looks not only dangerous, but potentially deadly. It digs in, doing a negative tilt and really allow for those storms to be violent. Right there in the center, the hot pink color. Again, we're talking millions and millions of americans looking at the sky tonight. Thank you, ginger. And we turn next to that

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Ginger Zee with the latest on floods, fires and another tornado across the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19275627","title":"Extreme Weather: Bracing for More Dangerous Weather","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-weather-bracing-dangerous-weather-19275627"}