Extreme Weather: Two Massive Storms Collide

Millions snowed in as traffic on roads and at airports grinds to a halt.
3:00 | 12/14/13

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Transcript for Extreme Weather: Two Massive Storms Collide
Two storms comtogether as one. What a mess. Across nearly two dozen states. This is detroit, airplanes covered in snow, passengers looking to the monitors. Nearly a thousand cancellations and growing. Football fields this saturday disappearing. The army/navy game in a snowy philadelphia. Working harder than the football players we so many at home who spent a good part of the day digging out. There is more in store tomorrow. And illinois tonight, getting town this street on skis. We have team coverage, the latest storm track and what's coming. But rob nelson in massachusetts tonight. Reporter: A huge swath of the country bracing for a snow covered weekend as it makes it eastward trek, dumping anywhere from a few inches to a few feet. 1,000 flights cancelled, but better to be stuck on a frozen tarmac like these planes in detroit than to be on the roads in deadly conditions. And sleet and freezing rain accompanying the snow, rds will become treacherous. Three massive multicar wreck this is weekend alone. A 40-car pileup, blamed on snow and speed. Thank god we're okay. Reporter: Frustration and relief. He side swept me and kept on going. Reporter: And further east in new hampshire, fighting with ice. Dousing this but leaving behind walls of ice. And in new york where people are used tthis, motorists said they couldn't see a thing. It's horrible. I have four-wheel drive and it's slipping. That's surprising. And on my way here, you couldn't see the road. Reporter: With christmas just a little more than a week away, holiday shoppers battling the bad weather trying to finish their gift lists. With the storm getting closer, we decided to check on conditions. Travel was slow but steady. The roads getting worse as we reached massachusetts. We are certainly among the lucky. Yooefr -- every year more than 1300 people are killed and nearly 117,000 injured in snow-related crashes. Well, david, three and a half hours later, we made it to north hampton, massachusetts. We have the icy grime to prove. Not too much snow yet, but a half a foot could be coming overnight. David. All right, rob nelson leading us off from a snowy new england. And I want to bring in lee goldberg from the weather center. You were telling us they are now converging. The whole complexion is changing. Take a look at the storm track. Two becoming one. It's consolidating as a coastal storm. A few things, snowfall rates across pennsylvania and new york city into new england, a change over along the coast and an icy concern inland as well. Snowfall, lighter amounts in the philly area, but heavier amounts across northern pennsylvania. And new york city, this is a computer model, 5 or 6 inches in new york city, more in boston, but just to the north and west, that whole area of pink, localized up to a foot of snow. Over the next 24 hours. That's the first concern. The next concern, cold in the midwest. Now the cold mind the storm, it's lagging in the east, it's not below freezing tomorrow, but tomorrow night, yes. But look at the highs on sunday, 15, 25. They got snow fall, hard freeze. Difficult for millions of holiday shoppers to get ahead. Lee goldberg.

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{"id":21222030,"title":"Extreme Weather: Two Massive Storms Collide","duration":"3:00","description":"Millions snowed in as traffic on roads and at airports grinds to a halt. ","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-weather-massive-storms-collide-21222030","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}