Extreme Weather Nationwide

Blinding blizzards, powerful tornadoes and heavy rain threaten the county.
3:26 | 04/09/13

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Transcript for Extreme Weather Nationwide
Back home to the weather now. It may be spring everywhere, but tonight, half the country seems stuck in winter, the other half, getting a blast of summer. These two postcards tell the story. Blizzard-like conditions in colorado. In washington, d.C.85 and sunny. Look at those cherry blossoms at their peak. Our extreme weather team is tracking it all. Reporter: From the northern plains to the rocky mountains, it's a spring storm with a lot of winter in it. Denver covered in nearly nine inches of snow. Nebraska and the dakotas, expecting two feet or more. Also, high wind, derailing this train in nebraska -- 21 cars off the tracks -- and ripping the roof off this harley davidson store in pueblo, colorado. Thankfully no injuries in either case. Blizzard warnings out for utah and colorado. In denver, a huge temperature drop in just 24 hours. As clayton sandell shows us. This is what it was like in denver just 24 hours ago, a high temperature near 70 degrees. And this is today about four inches of snow and a high TEMPERATURE OF ONLY 20 DEGREES. Reporter: At denver's airport more than 500 flights canceled today. Meanwhile in south dakota, freezing rain coating the trees and snapping limbs, knocking out power. On the connect, strong winds are expected to pick up tonight. After fire knocked out power to thousands, and toppled trees. Wildlife at risk to, knocking these endangered baby owls right out of the nest. All while in the east, it's sudden summer. Temperatures near record highs. Paired with dry conditions causing these brush fires right off a major highway in new jersey. In washington, d.C., The cherry blossoms are officially at their peak today, a perfect day to enjoy them, with the high TEMPERATURES IN THE 80s, 20 Degrees above normal. And that is sudden summer. If you need proof the western front is powerful, look at the temperatures on either side. One side, texas, about 107 degrees, amrila at about 35 degrees. Tomorrow, along the front, traveling east, a likely path, strong and severe storms highlighting the areas in red from louisville through little rock and back in toward the gulf. Okay, sam. I know you'll have more in the morning. Let's put the map back up. Look at the red zen, texas to illinois. Tornado alley, the twister outbreak could come tonight and ginger zee is on the move in texas. We're storm chasing right here along the red river, between texas and oklahoma. And right now, a lot of warm air in the upper atmosphere. That's putting a cap, as we call ng the storm down. That was not the case last night, where in northeast colorado, watch that time lapse, you can really see the storm develop, people are chasing there. You can also see a brief tornado or land pouts were also noted in northeast colorado. That big temperature difference has a lot to do with it. WE'RE IN THE LOW 80s RIGHT NOW, Less than a hundred miles to the west, it will drop off some 40 to 50 degrees. So a lot of energy in the atmosphere. We'll be watching these storms all night. George? That is wild. Ginger, thanks for that. Still ahead on "world news,"

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{"id":18918417,"title":"Extreme Weather Nationwide","duration":"3:26","description":"Blinding blizzards, powerful tornadoes and heavy rain threaten the county.","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-weather-nationwide-18918417","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}