Extreme Weather Sweeps the Nation

Major storm moves east causing dangerous road conditions, trapping families in their vehicles.
3:00 | 03/03/14

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Transcript for Extreme Weather Sweeps the Nation
The month of March has arrived. And roared in like a lion. One giant storm, racing 3,000 miles across this country, causing temperatures to plummet, roads to ice up. Texas had a traffic jam 30 miles long, with families trapped inside their cars. And ABC's Ryan Owens takes us there first, tonight. Their wheels start to spin. And then, they're done. Reporter: Going nowhere fast. Thousands caught on the highway. It looks like Minnesota, but this is Texas. How long have you been stuck here? Four hours. I've got to work at 3:00 in College Station. That's not happening. Reporter: The biggest backup happened south of Dallas, on interstate 45. This morning, the line of cars and semis stretched 30 miles. Some had to spend the night in their cars. I figured since I was going south, I would be okay. Reporter: Not so much. Not so much. Reporter: Texas weather is known for its extremes. But this is crazy, even for down here. On Saturday, it was 81 and sunny in Dallas. 24 hours later, it was 19 and sleeting. A swing of a whopping 60 degrees. The storm that started this weekend in California swept across the country. Bringing sleet with thunder and lightning to Oklahoma. In D.C., more snow. So, they shut down the government again. How rough has this winter been? In mckeesport, Pennsylvania, outside Pittsburgh, the town is out of salt. It's like a sheet of ice. Every single road. There's not a clear road in sight. Reporter: And yet again, the delays weren't just on the road. Almost 3,000 flights cancelled today. A new study finds this winter's delays and cancellations have cost the airlines $5.8 billion. The worry, tonight, all of this mess on the roads will simply refreeze. It's supposed to be well below zero tonight. That's a problem because a number of Texas interstates now look like this, hours after the sleet stopped falling. A lot of motorists simply crawling down here in Texas. Diane? All right, Ryan. Worth noting, it's 16 days officially until spring.

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{"id":22760496,"title":"Extreme Weather Sweeps the Nation","duration":"3:00","description":"Major storm moves east causing dangerous road conditions, trapping families in their vehicles.","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-weather-sweeps-nation-22760496","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}