Extreme weather across United States

Heading into the Fourth of July holiday, stifling heat wave strikes the Midwest and stretches all the way to the East Coast.
2:40 | 07/01/18

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Transcript for Extreme weather across United States
We begin with extreme weather across America heading into the fourth of July holiday. Deadly flash floodg in the heartland. Roads turned into rivers in des Moines, Iowa, where a local radio hostas killed, being swept away. And this funnel cloud caught on camera near Wilcox. From the midwest, straht through the east coast, a stifling heat wave. Excessive heat warnings with temperatures feeling like triple digits. The heat expected to last through the holiday. Here's rob Marciano. Reporter: Tonightdangerous other sweeping the country. Turnindeadly in iowafter a well-known sportscaster was swept away by extreme flash flooding. Seven inches of rain falling in Des Moines in St a few hours. Oh, my gosh, people are called here. Reporter: It took four people to push this car to dry land. Five reported tornadoes in braska. Re than 180 reports of severe weather across the midwest in just the last 24 hours. Justast, sweltering temperaturesdding fuel to those storms and now exposing more than 100 million Americans to dangerous heat. It's a sizzling 93 degrees in Chicago. With the humidity, feeling like 101. In Philadelphia, it also felt like 100 degrees, but even hotter for Phillies players and ns inside the adium. We always measu temperature in the shade, away from buildings, but people in the sun, on the streets, on hot concrete has temperatures over 120 degrees. We're just dripping sweat everywhe. Reporter: ABC's gio Benitez witnessing firsthand how fasa car heats up. His body temperature going from 98.3 to 105 in just 30 minutes 18 children dying in hot cars so far this year alone. It can get so hot so quick in those cars. Rob, we know summer has already started. But we're talking about extreme heat here. Reporter: You have to retreat to the shade. 109 in Albany. 108 in Hartford. Baltimore, 105. New York, 102. Chicago numbers onl coming down because of storms coming through the area, fedy some of the heat and humidity. Antomorrow's numbers will similar to today. D.C., New York, Wilmington, being similar numbers. 90s through Tuesday, for some Citi, it will be the longest stretch ofeat in nearly ten years. Tom? Rob, thank you.

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{"id":56303988,"title":"Extreme weather across United States","duration":"2:40","description":"Heading into the Fourth of July holiday, stifling heat wave strikes the Midwest and stretches all the way to the East Coast.","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-weather-united-states-56303988","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}