The FAA Looks at Overweight Pilots

The FAA considers whether overweight pilots pose a risk to those onboard.
1:57 | 11/19/13

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Transcript for The FAA Looks at Overweight Pilots
To a major development that affects anyone getting ready to fly this season. Authorities focusing on a flight risk they say in the cockpit, examining how much a pilot weighs. Why is that a risk to passengers? Abc's david kerley tonight. Reporter: Overweight passengers have been kicked off planes. Remember actor director kevin smith who says he's way fat. Tonight it's obese pilots who could be in jeopardy of losing their license to fly, not necessarily because of their weight, rather their lack of sleep. The science is pretty clear. When a pilot doesn't get enough sleep it has the same effects as drinking. controllers, too. All together that's nearly 160,000 people. It's estimated that three to seven percent may be obese and suffer apnea. That could be 5,000 pilots and controllers. This plan comes five years after a go airlines flight from honolulu to hawaii, a short flight, both pilots fell asleep and overshot the airport. Why? The captain's undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea, according to the ntsb. In the morning when they wake up it's like they haven't gotten enough sleep. Reporter: The flight surgeon says any pilot with a body mass index of 40 will have to see a sleep expert and if diagnosed with apnea will have to be treated before they can work. This is a major change and it's going to happen soon. What does a 40 body mass mean? If a pilot was my height, 6 feet, that's nearly 300 pounds. They say they're going to lower the standard down the road. From concern about pilots not getting enough sleep to the

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{"id":20944402,"title":"The FAA Looks at Overweight Pilots","duration":"1:57","description":"The FAA considers whether overweight pilots pose a risk to those onboard.","url":"/WNT/video/faa-overweight-pilots-20944402","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}