Families Fleeing Storm Trapped on Okla. Highways

Traffic comes to standstill during rush hour, residents stuck in dangerous gridlock.
2:44 | 06/01/13

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Transcript for Families Fleeing Storm Trapped on Okla. Highways
there, part of what made this round of tornados in and around oklahoma city particularly terrifying was that thousands of families were trapped in their cars, traffic coming to a stand still on major highways with that storm brewing. Closer the gridlock proving deadly. This happened around the rush hour. Many said they were told to try to flee the storms. Alex perez also in oklahoma onto on that part of the story. Reporter: With the deadly tornado looming above, a driver's nightmare was unfolding below, complete gridlock on I 40 and roadways across oklahoma. You see it on tv and you say I'm leaving. Not going to wait around for this one. Beverly is one of thousands who panicked and got on the road trying to escape the twister's path. The problem is she drove into what seemed like a parking lot. We thought we had more time, weren't expecting this mass exodus of people coming out. As we turned and got into the line we realized it was bumper to bumper. As she peered out the back window snapped this picture, the storm behind her. It's approaching you faster than you can get away from it. Then you start to get frightened. Many torn by conflicting messages, some media urged residents to get in their cars and flee south. I think the reason for this is because may 20th is still as I've said just very much in our hearts and minds and too much too soon. We didn't expect this at all. It instills paranoia in people. That paranoia led to a traffic stand lil and proved deadly and nine killed. She drove to a nearby convenience store and sought shelter in a freezer. The mayor scolded those residents who took to the roads. They should have known better. They had two or three days of notice. Tough words from the mayo then the storms returning. You reached out to the national weather service. Are you ever supposed to flee a storm in your car? The national weather service says you should never get in your car and try to flee a tornado unless you have several hours to get ahead of it. If you are already in your car and can't get somewhere safe, move your car away from traffic and make sure your head is beneath the windows. The first line of defense is to try to get to a shelter like beverly did and of course the reminder again never try to get in your car and escape a tornado unless you have several hours to work with.

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{"id":19306454,"title":"Families Fleeing Storm Trapped on Okla. Highways","duration":"2:44","description":"Traffic comes to standstill during rush hour, residents stuck in dangerous gridlock.","url":"/WNT/video/families-fleeing-storm-trapped-okla-highways-19306454","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}