Your Family D-Day Stories

Family members honor the bravery, determination and sacrifice of the men who stormed Normandy 70 years ago.
3:14 | 06/06/14

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Transcript for Your Family D-Day Stories
So many -- -- home helping us put together our persons of the week in your own words remembering the bravery and sacrifice on June 6. 1944. -- murderous plans of -- -- kind of grim report great -- It was seventy years ago but today -- would you like so many -- home sharing your stories with us of your loved ones -- on American bravery that day -- Mary this. Place -- -- -- -- Victoria my mother had pulled Maloney after the story of my grandfather there was zero. And the story of her grandfather Clarence Brown like. And when called in CV landing on Omaha Beach. What my grandfather used to tell me Hannity today it was that he was it means that he -- meted out of the beach alive and that. That -- -- really was called the -- each for reasons. Waiting at home his wife her grandmother and a family all these years later with the letter he wrote home to his love. And she read it to us today though man has -- grader at last year's all these Kelly there was Anne's father who wrote in in that in -- -- tank. It was his job to get to be trading. Plus one of someone's win. One of those amphibious tanks. -- -- were trying to secure that beach she still remembers what he told her. About looking for a place to sleep on the beaches of Normandy they would look for the whites pine tree branches. -- -- cut dollars because those are soft drink sleep on tonight. Daughter. -- -- -- -- My dad was here I mean. Every day. -- -- young's mother was just out of nursing school but she signed up to go to -- -- six miles away. The coast beaches. My mother and cable car that hit the -- bombshell when he got achievement wanted to achieve it -- the -- she says there was one thing her mother and never forgot. The most striking -- to -- -- was how young -- -- That there is their faces were still young so young so brave and tonight worthy of the honor. The boats that they landed with were tight quarter they put as many soldiers as they could cram into Rome. They were hot. A lot of the soldiers dropped before they even got out of date because they are sick they sweat they puke -- And you just hit to go with. This is -- Ellington and this is the story of my father Dan helping to these guys didn't talk about what they did. I think that they just. Did. He are actually got offended if anybody called him a hero. The heroes -- -- the guys that didn't come home and one more story from Dennis Smith who said his father never spoke with. Until just before he died. He said he was scared to death they knew something big was happening -- him. They were there do what they had to do I certainly think about it a lot sobbing. -- -- are religious person I. I do say a little prayer for him her but -- also there. And so we choose your heroes. Our heroes to.

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{"id":24037065,"title":"Your Family D-Day Stories","duration":"3:14","description":"Family members honor the bravery, determination and sacrifice of the men who stormed Normandy 70 years ago.","url":"/WNT/video/family-day-stories-told-us-bravery-loved-persons-24037065","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}