Family of Former Penn State Coach Speak Out

Relatives of Joe Paterno fight back allegations, release report to clear coach's name.
1:34 | 02/10/13

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Transcript for Family of Former Penn State Coach Speak Out
-- legendary Penn State coach Joseph Paterno fighting back against the official report of -- scandal that ended her husband's career. Mrs. Paterno talking exclusively with Katie Couric about the report and -- a first look like here tonight here's ABC's John truth and for the first time since the Penn State sixty -- fury from sue Paterno. The widow of Joseph Paterno in this exclusive interview will air tomorrow on Katie what -- Your reaction to. When you first heard about this. The allegations that -- -- -- he was. Had molested. -- -- It's believed. It is still hard to theft. But when I ran -- first -- the charge. I actually got physically ill. And couldn't reading more a couple of days. After the university commissioned an investigation led by former FBI chief Louis -- -- -- report -- -- -- knew what was going on me. But cared more about his football team and reporting the abuse to police. I about children and making them better. Returning -- so it's. Violence probably the best word I can think up. She's defending the legacy of Joseph -- in this interview that coincide with the release today of a new report commissioned by the paternal family. It claims the initial investigation presented to the Penn state board of trustees has no evidence that return of deliberately covered up the incidence of child molestation.

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{"id":18459212,"title":"Family of Former Penn State Coach Speak Out","duration":"1:34","description":"Relatives of Joe Paterno fight back allegations, release report to clear coach's name.","url":"/WNT/video/family-penn-state-coach-speak-18459212","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}