Fast Moving Wildfire at Yosemite National Park

Treasured part of America's iconic landscape is buried in smoke and flames.
2:44 | 07/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fast Moving Wildfire at Yosemite National Park
treasured part of America the beautiful, yosemite national park, is the scene of a pitched battle. A fast-moving wildfire on bone dry Earth. That iconic skyline buried in smoke. And an eerie image from recent days. Yosemite aglow, each golden dot another fire. And ABC's Brandi Hitt is back on the fire lines for us tonight. Welcome to owe see item. Reporter: It's not the vacation many travelers were expecting. It's closed? It is closed, yeah. Reporter: Frustrated families facing road blocks, closed campsites and heavy smoke from a wildfire burning nearly five square miles since Saturday. Many expecting vacation memories of yosemite's world-famous scenery. And not a fire fight. Now, we can't take photos because of all the smoke. Reporter: These are the biggest weapons firefighters are using tonight. Just a quick update on conditions. Reporter: Helicopters loading water and targeting the danger Zones. Most of this fire is inaccessible. It would continue to grow unchecked if we didn't have the helicopter support. Reporter: The non-stop air assault of 250 drops each day, giving hot shot crews on the front lines time to get ahead of the flames. 100 miles to the north, just east of Sacramento, evacuations have been lifted after another wildfire destroyed 13 homes. This low-flying drone nearly causing more problems by getting in the way of firefighting aircraft. One of the most critical tools in this year's already busy fire season. While yosemite park is open, it's not easy getting to all of the main attractions. Road blocks are forcing some travelers to take two-hour detours around the fire. Diane? Thank you so much, Brandi. Ginger zee is here right now to give us a look ahead. Ginger? Reporter: Yeah, that's the thing. It is nice and cool and comfortable here in the northeast and great Lakes, but you look to the west and we are still stuck with this. The heat, the wind. Everything you don't want when it comes to fires. So, red flag warnings still for parts of California and Oregon. Heat advisories in Washington state to Idaho. But I got to show you this tonight. Diane, new pictures coming in from Colorado. You can see the video there. Some highways, two to three feet covered in water. Parts of ft. Collins getting close to four inches of rain in just 90 minutes. So, it's much of Colorado dealing with that flash flood threat tonight. Ten states have watches. That's the back side of that monsoon flow. It falls in some of the burn areas. It is not good. But it is good in some parts, that would be for Oklahoma, where they need the rain. They are going to get a lot. We'll be watching. Those pictures just coming in, really stunning. Thank you so much, ginger.

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{"id":24765358,"title":"Fast Moving Wildfire at Yosemite National Park","duration":"2:44","description":"Treasured part of America's iconic landscape is buried in smoke and flames.","url":"/WNT/video/fast-moving-wildfire-yosemite-national-park-24765358","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}