Fatal Wingwalker Accident Stuns Florida Airshow Audience

Second deadly incident involving stunt wingwalkers in just a few months.
1:43 | 10/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fatal Wingwalker Accident Stuns Florida Airshow Audience
tonight, a horrific scene playing out over that american neighborhood. A stuntman at an air show falling to his death as neighbors looked on. Here's abc's rob nelson now. Reporter:62-year-old substituteman marc curto was 1,000 feet in the air when bravery turned to tragedy. A male fell out of an airplane. The plane was flying really low. Reporter: Curto was walking along the wing of this plane during saturday's festival of flight event near tampa, florida, when he fell to his death. Officials say he was flying too low for his parachute to open and he plunged into the back yards of a neighborhood below. I knew what happened and it kind of made me sick. I just -- had to separate myself from -- it upset me. Reporter: For both onlookers and the daredevils themselves, flirting with danger is part of the thrill. But this is just the latest example of when those thrills turn tragic. Watch this. Jane wicker, sitting on top of the world! Reporter: In june, a stunned crowd at an ohio air show watched as this stunt turned into a fiery nightmare, claiming the life of veteran performer jane wicker and her pilot. In 2011, abc's "20/20" talked with wing walker ashley battles, whose passion is not dampened by the risk. At this moment, what are you holding onto up there? A prayer. A wing and a prayer. Reporter: Tonight, there are still questions about whether curto was an actual wing walker or simply a parachutist. Even still, the faa told abc news there are no federal wing walker regulations, though the agency does oversee air show operations. Meanwhile, a florida community remains rattled. Rob nelson, abc news, new york.

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{"id":20629452,"title":"Fatal Wingwalker Accident Stuns Florida Airshow Audience","duration":"1:43","description":"Second deadly incident involving stunt wingwalkers in just a few months.","url":"/WNT/video/fatal-wingwalker-accident-stuns-florida-airshow-audience-20629452","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}