Father's Day Wrench

Did Sears steal an idea from a father and son who invented a bionic wrench?
2:31 | 06/14/13

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Transcript for Father's Day Wrench
Now to made in america this evening and a victory just in time for father's day. It's a david and goliath story we've been following for mont tonight the made in america team getting help from so many of you. It was last year we took you to cabot, pennsylvania, proudly flying their american flags and making their american invention. You were determined to make it in america? Yes, that was my goal from day one. wrench. Sears was his biggest seller mp then suddenly he said the deal ended. Did you wonder what was going on? Of course we did. But then he says he discovered there was a another wrench on that shelf instead, one made in china and sold under the sears brand craftsman. Side by side, listen to the old ad for dan's wrench pch. Because it grips on all six sides. The new one. The six locking jaws. Is part of the pitch? It's 14 wrenches in one. Replaces 14 wrenches with a single tool. It's a knock-off. No question. He sued. The case is still ongoing. Sears saying they didn't steal anything. The allegations made by mr. Brown simply are untrue. But with the cost of the lawsuit, dan had to lay-off 30 workers. Tears me apart. What more can we do? Ven't forgotten dan her his wrench. Seven months later he met him in park avenue in new york city. Great to see you. And where did we meet him? Walgreen's. Headed straight to aisle ten. And there was his display. Half bay sold out already. In fact, he's in 4,600 walgreen's stores all over america tonight, judge uft in time for father's day. As you continue to fight with another giant retailer -- yes. You found a new one? Right. And who helped seal the deal? I saw your story on "world news" last night. I saw your bionic wrench on "world news" made in america. Part of his pitch, it was not only the quality of the wrerch, but he told us, he's got thousands who want the wrench already. Like ruth who asked what many are asking from their hometown. Is your wrench carried in southern california? We hope ruth is watching tonight. Made in america! Hope ruth is watching. And dad if you're watching, guess what I bought you for

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Did Sears steal an idea from a father and son who invented a bionic wrench?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19407235","title":"Father's Day Wrench","url":"/WNT/video/fathers-day-wrench-19407235"}