Federal Authorities Demand Expansion of Airbag Recall

Concern is growing over used car dealers that may be selling cars under airbag recall.
2:01 | 11/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Federal Authorities Demand Expansion of Airbag Recall
Federal authorities now calling for that massive airbag recall to be expanded by millions. They want that recall to go nationwide now seven point eight million air bags currently recalled the government now demanding millions more be included. And tonight our investigation here about some of those air bags in the cars being sold on used car lots. AB c.'s G of the leaders with the cameras rolling. It went 49 year old Stephanie you're. It got into a car accident last year. It was the air bag that she says caused the most damage it's supposed to protect me it's best to help me and it crashed she says this piece of twisted metal shot out of the air bag. And into her face I had. A massive strike on my right side her court is one of about eight million subject to an airbag recall. And some of those are now for sale in used car lots so we wanted to see what used car dealers tell customers about this potential danger. In three states out of nine dealers only one checked on this. Not. Recall. But this salesman. He says the associate dean has no recall for the air bags. But you can tell me that there's no recall. Not prepared back. Wrought so we made he returned this is to listen you told Jerry that the city have a recall. But it dogs he Garcia. We'll hurdle says it's not his fault. It's the manufacturers. Do you feel any responsibility for the kinds of horrors that you're selling to be close yes we need somebody to let us know and shoppers in these the company. The modified. The problem is recall letters go to the registered owner and the dealer had it registered SS UV the owner told us quote. We are not required by law to check for recalls and you know what. He's right. There is no federal law stopping used car dealers from selling cars with open recalls or requiring them to check for now. It's up to the consumer GO Benitez ABC news view.

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{"id":27011785,"title":"Federal Authorities Demand Expansion of Airbag Recall","duration":"2:01","description":"Concern is growing over used car dealers that may be selling cars under airbag recall.","url":"/WNT/video/federal-authorities-demand-expansion-airbag-recall-27011785","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}