Final Farewell to First Lady Nancy Reagan

Over 1,000 people from politics and Hollywood pay respects, plus reading of a very special love letter from Ronald Reagan.
3:16 | 03/11/16

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Transcript for Final Farewell to First Lady Nancy Reagan
It has the race for the White House moves forward tonight here a look back celebrating a First Lady today presidents and First Lady sat beside one another in California. Former First Lady Nancy Reagan laid to rest today her funeral on the grounds of the Reagan library in California. Air in the front row First Lady Michelle Obama former president George W. Bush First Lady Laura Bush and Secretary Clinton. Reagan's children spoke with the motion in candor about their mother at her own Diane Sawyer among those speaking about mrs. Reagan. ABC's Matt government in California. It was a tribute both to the lady in red. It's the legendary love story in the White House Nancy Reagan was 94 and in many ways the 1000 attendees were re introduced to the presidential couple. President Reagan wrote those famous love letters. Some of which Nancy Reagan later published. One read by former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney she loves to laugh. And her laugh is like tinkling. Eight years ago. And I feel good at all over journalists and celebrities attended from Tom selected Mr. T who favors the joint Nancy Reagan in her just say no campaign. Remember that photo of her on his lap. But in that front row the families of eight current and former White House residence a rate just to make it plain. First Lady Michelle Obama seated right next to president George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush surely needs only look over addictive took Nancy Reagan's feelers to fates of her run. There's a couple. They were more than the sum of their parts. And it would be a mistake by the way consider her as somehow subordinate to him. Just because he was the one usually taking center stage they were co equals they complemented. One another. It their eulogies her children and especially daughter Patti focused not on her love for them. But her love for the president. My parents were too house of a circle. Closed tight around the world in which their love for each other was the only sustenance they needed. And eight donors sometimes late relationship with her mother it's no secret that my mother and I had a challenging. And often contentious relationship. I tried her patients. And she intimidated me. We were never mild with one another. Whether we were distant and angry or bonded in close. Our emotions burned up the color chart. Nothing was Ever-Glory. But there were moments in our history. When all that was going on between us with love. I choose to remember those moments. And our own Diane Sawyer remembered eight beetle pointed Nancy Reagan's home I know the words were clearly from President Reagan and said something like this. If you must leave. Could you just take me with you. And I think of that again today. David until that Nancy Reagan began explaining today's events while she was still in the White House after this ceremony her casket was taken out. To the grave site of President Reagan. In this evening it is being laid to rest in the ground there beside him as she requested so close. As though they could hold hands.

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{"id":37591370,"title":"Final Farewell to First Lady Nancy Reagan","duration":"3:16","description":"Over 1,000 people from politics and Hollywood pay respects, plus reading of a very special love letter from Ronald Reagan.","url":"/WNT/video/final-farewell-lady-nancy-reagan-37591370","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}