Fire threat forcing Western towns to abandon July Fourth fireworks

Police are investigating what triggered a blast that injured a worker at a fireworks warehouse.
2:49 | 07/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fire threat forcing Western towns to abandon July Fourth fireworks
At saved driver? Good evening. It's greo have you with us on this fourthf July. We begin with theoliday score from coast to coast. Heat alerts for more than 13 million Americans tonight. The heat moving fro the E to the west, where dozens of major firee already burning. Reds of homes lost, and tonight the battle to save the rest a massive fire, T look, exploding size in northern california,ending smo and ash all the way to San frano. Tonight, C are digging in for a fight. ABC's will Carr starts us off on the fire line in caliia. Reporter:ht, fueled by scalding heat, dozens of fires raging in every western state, fog mass evacuatis. The county fire in California S now scorched more than 82acres.some residents STA behind make a STA how long doou think you can holdoff with the hoses Y have? Well, with Y and a huge fire like Thi -- if you are overwhelmed, you just have to drop and run Reporter:colorado, the spring fire has desed mor than 10 homes. In Texas, residents fearing they could everything. We're ready to go if Ave to. Scared. Repor the fire threat ring many western towns to cancel fouof July fireworks. Some ligg up the skies wit drones instead. Tonight, authority Missouri investigating riggered an expln that seriously injured an employee ATS fireworks warehouse. When we arrived, there was -- whole building W engu in flam there wasultiple explosions from inside the build Reporter: Tonight, authorities across the west erning that fireworks could spark the next fire. Already 260 more fires this year in cifornia that this point last year. We're having fires ier and they're gettrger. Reporter: Ttonight, we've seenpots flare up, these flame raced down this hillside thissh is bone dry,fect fuel this fire. While fire cws are feel optic about the county fire here in California, this is a young fire season and it could prove to be one of the worst yet. Tom? Wil Carr right on that fire line there in northern califo. Will, K you. Thet wave here in the east H lasted for days. On the mall in Washington, D.C., where itas 93 degrees, sprinklers were providing relief visitors. Abc'shief meteorologist gin zee Joi us now from along th George Washington bridge. Gingerhow far does this heat stretch? Reporter: Tom, it was H in nashville,t hit99. The Hott they've been in six S. We've got heat advisories from oxford, Mississippi, to holt main excessivheat warning there in the Ohio river valley and the numbers areng totick with us tomorrow. 105, the feels like I St. Louis. 97, Raleigh. Check this in the southwest, the peak of E heat really coming this weekend. The hottest of the se.this is going to be Horr. Not just for the wildfires, but for those who are fightingit. Tom? Ginger, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Police are investigating what triggered a blast that injured a worker at a fireworks warehouse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56371884","title":"Fire threat forcing Western towns to abandon July Fourth fireworks","url":"/WNT/video/fire-threat-forcing-western-towns-abandon-july-fourth-56371884"}