Firefighters Stretched to Limit Fighting California Wildfires

Little rest for weary firefighters giving their all to save neighborhoods in Northern California.
2:26 | 09/15/15

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Transcript for Firefighters Stretched to Limit Fighting California Wildfires
A long night ahead for thousands of firefighters and their stamina, mare courage stunning as well, too. This image, firefighters collapsing with exhaustion. ABC's Matt Gutman with the firefighters and one of them going back to see if his own home survived. Reporter: Tonight, more than 7,500 embattled firefighters back on the fireline. Encrusted in soot, many have been going for 36 hours, in fires that are fast-moving and deadly. The valley fire engulfing four firefighters over the weekend, only saved when they scrambled into their protective shelters. Richard reef taking a call from the governor from his hospital bed. Crews, so fatigued they're flopping down in driveways or fields for a few minutes rest. This retired firefighter live streaming the desperate fight to save middletown. These guys are very limited on resources. Every engine has got multiple structures to try and protect. And you just can't save everything. Reporter: Don Lopez spent days fighting the fire. He came home overnight. You look block after block, it's just devastation. Reporter: Learning his home was spared. His daughter's wasn't. We got the most important things out. But everything else is gone. Reporter: Still, Lopez is going back tonight to the only work he's ever known. You are going back? I'm going back on the line in the Cobb area. That's what I do. Reporter: David, as you experienced today, one of the most incredible things those firefighters endure on the fire is the intensity of the heat. Hot enough to melt glass. Now, the bad news for firefighters, it is still gusty out here today. You can feel the moisture in the air. David? All right, Matt Gutman tonight in northern California where we spent much of this day. Matt, thank you. And the question tonight, will the weather help in the next crucial 24 hours? Let's go right to chief meteorologist ginger zee at the weather wall. Ginger? Reporter: David, this fire forecast is improving, aluminum, the metal here in the street. And if you look just beyond me here, the frame of what was a pickup truck. And, in fact, right in the back, you can still see the fire smoldering and what's been left behind. We could see the melted plastic on the meters.y ways, authorities here tell us this was the fire they were a combination of blazing hot triple-difrjt temperatures last week, plus low humidity. Four years of drought sparking the blaze. And the high winds to carry it. The fire chief was telling me

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"Little rest for weary firefighters giving their all to save neighborhoods in Northern California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33758566","title":"Firefighters Stretched to Limit Fighting California Wildfires","url":"/WNT/video/firefighters-stretched-limit-fighting-california-wildfires-33758566"}