Fireworks as FBI agent faces off with lawmakers in text flap

He was involved in both the Clinton and Russia probes, then his texts criticizing Donald Trump were uncovered.
5:01 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for Fireworks as FBI agent faces off with lawmakers in text flap
And we begin with the fireworks on capitol hill,unfog on live TV. At times,his was uncomfortable tc thetate of politics today. As an agent tried to defend himself and hixt message Abt then-candidate Donald Trump. Some lawmakers not hav it. That agent, pet strzo for months, thghfor criticism of the FBI and breaking his siat times, the hearingppearing chaotic and downrightpe.c's pierr Thomas, who witnessed it, is on thll night. Reporter: Embattled FBI agent Peter strzok, under fire for months, tonight,oming to capitol hill to try and C his name. Note in my 26 Y of defending our natioid rsnions impact any officialion I took. Reporter: Strzok, who was deeply lived in theillary Clinton e-mail investigation, and the early stages of the Russia probe, became the sou of rliacks after the discovery of personalexts H exchanged with fawlisa page. The messages, deeply critical of presidentiandidate Donald Trump. Ne, page writes, "god,mp is a loathsome human." Rzok responds, "Gyet he may win.erica will get what the voting public deser" in another exchange, strzok callinump "An idiot." Saying, "He's awful." Turned our system on its head and that's Y this matters. Reporter: Iy's explosive hears, St, defiant, accusing ak aying right into Russia's hands. I try believe today' hearing is just anotvictory notch in Putin's belt and apart. Reporter: He accu repuans of twisting his words. I don't appatat was originally said being changed. I don't givda what you apprecia, agent strzok. I don't appreciate having an agent with an unprecedented ve animus wing on two major investigations during 2016. Rorter: Republicans seizing on one text exchange in particular. FBI lawyer Lisa page asks, "He's not ever going to president, right? T?" Strzok replies, "no,he we'lop it." Strzok says those comments were triggered by T's attack E Muslim parents of a fallen American soldier. You have saiced nothing! And no one! Yook at his fe, she was standing there. She had nothtoshe probably -maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. Reporter: Strozk insists his text was an expression of pure outrage Itas in resnse to a series of events thatded then-candidate insulng the immigrant family a fallen war hero. Y presumption, based on rrible, disgusting behavior, that the American population would not elect some demonstrating that behavior president of the United States. Reporte he then mounted a searing not of just himself, but of the FBI. I can assure you, Mr. Chairman, at no Tim in of these texts did those personal beliefs evnter the realm of any action I took. And the propose that it is going on, thattight occur the FBI, deeply corros what the FBI is in American society, thfectiveness of their ssion and its deeply destrue. Reporter: Democrats, objecting throughout raucous hearing. Point Oder! Yes it ir. Chairman. Reporter: Accusing Republicans of trying to unrmine the ecial counsel investigation into Russian nd possible collusion with the tmp campaign Thiaris a kangaroo court. It is a three-ring circus. Reporter: But Republicans, lentless. And I can't help but wond when see you looking there th a little smirk, how many times did you looko innocent into yr 'S eye and lie to her about Lisa - Airman, this is outrageo The credibility of a wis -- Shame on you. Reporstrzok, unwavering. Have also told the truth. The fact you would accuse me otherwe, the fact T would question whether or N that was the sort of look I would engage with a fall my member I have acknowledged hus more to a discussibout yourharacter and what you stand for. And Pierre Thomas with us ve on capitol hill tonight. And pier this W not the prettiest of days onapitol hill. It would seem T many, T were few winners anywhere toe found. But just to be clear, Pierre, you've reported on this before, the justiceepartment did its own investigate inspector general issues a rep about this long before this heated hear? Reporter: That's right. Thenseral criticized strzokut nasty e-mails about strzok, butcluded that, quote, he did not documentary or tnial evidence that include political bias, dir AFFD the specific invest gavive decisions we reviewed. End dad? Pierre, thank you. We're going to turn now to the other fieryan the

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{"id":56551899,"title":"Fireworks as FBI agent faces off with lawmakers in text flap","duration":"5:01","description":"He was involved in both the Clinton and Russia probes, then his texts criticizing Donald Trump were uncovered. ","url":"/WNT/video/fireworks-fbi-agent-faces-off-lawmakers-text-flap-56551899","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}