Flash Flood Watches in 9 States After Torrential Rains

Homes underwater, cars submerged and roads washing away with heavy rain still falling in the South.
2:32 | 03/09/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flash Flood Watches in 9 States After Torrential Rains
Now to the severe weather hitting at this hour the state of emergency in Louisiana flash flood watches in nine states. The system hitting from the gulf all the way up to the northeast at least two people drowned. Homes underwater to the rooftops near Shreveport Louisiana cars almost completely submerged. Nearby the road washing away from under this suvs and in east Texas tonight this highway flooded halfway up to the guard rails there heavy rains still falling. Here's the system at this hour and how far reaches over the next 24 hours twenty million people in its path. ABC's Phillip Bennett in Louisiana with where this is headed. The massive storm system in the south just won't quit over a foot of rain in Louisiana. Swift water teams working around the clock. In Houghton rescuers sending a boat inside this home to save the cheapest family. Has to look up about 5 o'clock. Went downstairs he says we are covered in water. More than a hundred homes underwater enclosure parish alone the local sheriff using FaceBook to warn residents to be safe is an urge people. How seriously. To fight it we found James header wave racing to shore up his home before getting out through that movement to do doing time. Roads becoming rivers. In May and in the driver of that SUV left her vehicle on a flooded road and came back to this she is safe tonight. This extreme flooding comes after oh brutal 24 hours across the region. With everything from tornadoes took golf all sides failed. David this area has already gotten over a foot of rain. Just look at stop sign and not only is there more on the way there is also the threat of more severe weather and even tornadoes tonight David. Philip been on the scene forced Phillip thanks to you in meteorologist rob Marciano is tracking the system now over the next 24 hours rob. Just tremendous rainfall would this David not so much with the rainfall rates which is this steady nature of this look at it tapping. Moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and it stretching all the way up the Mississippi and really reaching in the northeast which is where the block is big warm rich here this spring like care. And the ribbon of rain will. Feet and across that stationary bound with another wave developing I think tomorrow night into Friday with heavy rain for new world we have flash flood warnings now for east Texas all the way up through Memphis. Another five to eight inches of rainfall. Maybe even ten inches and some are reasonable or he's seen David nearly a foot life threatening flooding will be ongoing for the next 48 hours or rob Marciano what is tonight rob thank you.

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{"id":37533422,"title":"Flash Flood Watches in 9 States After Torrential Rains","duration":"2:32","description":"Homes underwater, cars submerged and roads washing away with heavy rain still falling in the South.","url":"/WNT/video/flash-flood-watches-states-torrential-rains-37533422","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}