Funnel cloud tears through Walmart lot in Washington

Severe storms pounded the Northwest as the possible twister ripped off roofs, knocked down trees and leveled a neighborhood.
2:14 | 12/19/18

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Transcript for Funnel cloud tears through Walmart lot in Washington
And we're going to beginon with theossible tornado touching downtrt te ago. These are the pres com in from Seattle at this fi W causing major damage in thiseighborhoohere, rooftops rippeff, trees ripped from the ground. And this jus one system about to mergeiter as it sweeps across thetry, just as millions travel ristmas. We have the track for you tonigh and ABC's will Carr leads us oh geming in no Oh, my Reporter: This funnel cloud tearing through a Walmart parking lot J beforp.m.acific. The parking lot destroyed. These trees just fe look how twisted all this is. Reporter: Severe storms pounding the northwe toght. In por washinon, a possible tornado ripping rfs off homes. Massivtrees down. An entire neighborhood led. The Stor part of a system moving across thecountr bringing high waves to califo's coast. E national weather service in the bay a wing peoplo stay back from the ocean osk cain death. Let'owill, monitoring the images com in toght. Anwill,here was no warnthis system? Reporter: That's right, David. Our weather team says that there we no severe warnings when these storms broke out. There is wisp damaged power outages. The priority is safety as T Orms move east. Will, thank you. Smentiod, storm is set to merge with another storm slaing the south first andovingp theast coast. Several ma cities I the path, striking right in the LE holiday tve week. Dangerouiving for million, letlone travel delays at the airport let's get to ginger zee tonight track of these T systems for us. Ginger? Reporter: Yedavid. What we have see for days is alerts for flooding gusty winds up to 60 miles phour. All in the pacific northwest ere we'veeen upo six inches O rai alace like Lees camp, oregon.yo T cold front move across. A winter weather advisoror U ee feetf snow. Could see superus windsrom Montana to with another stormon in the coast. Heavy rain, severe storm for a E Tampa bay or jacksonvil then as evybody's traveling up the east co I-95, even philadelia a flood H for one to three inches of Y the time we reach Friday. David? Ginger, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Severe storms pounded the Northwest as the possible twister ripped off roofs, knocked down trees and leveled a neighborhood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"59895082","title":"Funnel cloud tears through Walmart lot in Washington","url":"/WNT/video/funnel-cloud-tears-walmart-lot-washington-59895082"}