This Is Fusion

ABC and Univision reaching modern American 'Millenials.'
3:03 | 10/27/13

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Transcript for This Is Fusion
we are hours away from the launch of america's newest cable network, abc teaming up with univision. The channel is called fusion, delivered in english and reaching out to the young people, the so called medical inyals on the move and fusion is chasing them. As the sun sets in miami tonight, there will be more than the night life taking form. America's newest cable network is about to be born. It's called fusion. Abc and spanish language giant univision teaming up. The most famous anchor, many of you have never heard of. When dianings an with abc news, jorge is on at the same time with millions watching him, too, in spanish. The change now, when he says good night he'll walk 30 steps to his new show in english. Who does he have in mind? The children and grandchildren of the viewers he's had for years, younger viewers, born and raised in america, the so called millennials, viewers 18 to 34 and his own kids who until now haven't had much interest in watching their dad in spanish. They don't watch me in spanish because they'll more comfortable in english. They're going to be able to see what I do, reaching their friends and their generation. Reporter: Fusion hopes to do for news what modern family has done in prime time, helping to entertain and inform the american family. He's known for his tough questions, pressing president obama on immigration reform. You promised us and a promise is a promise. With all due respect, you didn't keep that promise. Well, here's what I would say -- Reporter: Questions often unnoticed because they were in spanish, no longer lost in translation. First up, senator ted cruz after leading the government shutdown, jorge asks him if there is another plan, a run for president. You were born in kale gary so can you run for president? The constitution says you can't. I was born in cal gary, my father is cuban. My mother is american and is a u.S. Citizen by birth. Under u.S. Law I was an american citizen but birth. But you're not a natural born citizen. I was a u.S. Citizen by birth. Alicia mendez was on "the view" and diving into hot topics. ONE OF THEM melissa McCarthy who was covered up by that trench coat in elle magazine. It's an unreasonable expectation and pressure that we place on young girls and woman to look perfect. Reporter: She'll be doing that every night on fusion after those american millennials on the move and multi-culture. By the year 2050 in this country one in three will be latino. Keep in mind nothing like a little pressure inside this news room. They have countdown clocks everywhere you look reminding everyone here that the launch is tomorrow. The network is fusion. They hope to have 20 million viewers in the first year, 60 million in five years and check your local listing to see if it's airing in your city, your hometown. Let us know what you would like to see on fusion. Tweet us at "world news." Caught on tape tonight.

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{"id":20698713,"title":"This Is Fusion","duration":"3:03","description":"ABC and Univision reaching modern American 'Millenials.'","url":"/WNT/video/fusion--20698713","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}