Gas Prices Below $3 in More Than a Dozen States

The silver lining in the sluggish economy may be the low price of fuel.
1:51 | 10/22/13

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Transcript for Gas Prices Below $3 in More Than a Dozen States
Good news for everyone making the long commute home. Think of it as an early christmas president. Gas prices plummeting and they should carry us into the holidays with big savings. So how low will gas prices go? Abc's lindsey jzie janis has the answer. Reporter: Gas prices could fall to lows not seen in years and it could happen just in time for the holidays. Insiders could say gas prices could call 20 cents between now and the holidays pushing the national average to $3.15 a glass, the lowest in three years. Stars aligning for motorists. Reporter: Prices are down 26 cents in the last month and a half. With gas stations in 16 states now charging less than $3 a gallon. 2.99 at this one in sioux city, iowa and at this one in davenport, high wa where it's already snowing. Experts say it's only going to get better. We have ten per higher supply, low demand as the temperatures cool, a lack of hurricanes this year, all those factors put downward pressure on gas prices by christmas. Reporter: Experts say easing tensions with syria and iran and egypt are pushing oil prices below 100 bucks a barrel for the first time in 16 weeks. It all means american drivers may just have a little extra cash to spend around the holidays. With consumer confidence and the economy hurting after that partial government shutdown these lower gas prices could not have come at a better time. Diane? Thank you. One more note about the economy.

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{"id":20651545,"title":"Gas Prices Below $3 in More Than a Dozen States","duration":"1:51","description":"The silver lining in the sluggish economy may be the low price of fuel.","url":"/WNT/video/gas-prices-dozen-states-20651545","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}