General John Allen's Relationship With Jill Kelley

Brian Ross investigates the woman at the center of new military scandal.
3:00 | 11/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for General John Allen's Relationship With Jill Kelley
That woman in Tampa Martha mentioned who was front and center in the headline she is a wife and mother. Joseph -- and ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross set out to learn how she Fords such a close relationship with the generals. As the home of the US central command and the special operations command access to the MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa is closely guarded. But 37 year old Tampa socialite Jill Kelly. With no official military ties has been able to have easy access -- over the years that the country's most powerful general station that. Guerrillas known. Is a gracious -- -- -- -- individual. This picture was taken two years ago at a party at the Kelly home showing -- twin sister Natalie General Petraeus jewels husband Scott. Jill and the general's wife -- There's no question they were friends. And no no reason why they wouldn't be for a. But Kelly who spent the day at her home in -- and her twin sister. Are also known by some detractors as named truckers and social -- who once appeared and a reality TV cooking program. As Jill Kelly stared out the window of her home today a television program about the Peyton Place like Petraeus sex scandal could be seen in the background. Let me assure you. Tampa Bay is so -- -- thing you could imagine from Peyton Place -- Let her lavish entertaining. Court documents reviewed by ABC news show the Jill Kelly and her husband have been sued at least nine times and face foreclosure on their home. Her twin sister Natalie has her own legal and financial problems and lost custody of her son in a contentious divorce proceeding. In which both Petraeus as head of the CIA and general Allen. Running the war in Afghanistan. Took the time to write letters on her behalf but friends and family say as outgoing. If you -- may have been. Her friends the generals it never crossed the line to romance she's very dedicated her her husband's murder case for anybody to paint her over the and that. It is absolutely wrong. Even so Joseph -- is now hard one of Washington's top criminal defense lawyers best known for defending former senator John Edwards and is now represented by the same publicist. Once handled the media for Monica Lewinsky. OK -- credit team there. And you can see so much more of -- reporting tonight on Nightline.

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{"id":17711510,"title":"General John Allen's Relationship With Jill Kelley","duration":"3:00","description":"Brian Ross investigates the woman at the center of new military scandal.","url":"/WNT/video/general-john-allens-relationship-jill-kelley-17711510","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}