George Zimmerman Trial: Defense Lawyer Controversy

Zimmerman's "knock-knock" lawyer on defensive again after tweeting bizarre photos.
1:54 | 06/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for George Zimmerman Trial: Defense Lawyer Controversy
And with the first week of dramatic testimony in the trial of george zimmerman behind us, it's zimmerman's attorney tonight making headlines. He started the trial with a knock-knock joke. Tonight it's a photo of him with his two daughters and the message posted with it that he's responng to. Abc's matt gutman has been on the case from the start. Reporter: Defense attorney don west is pictured in this selfie with two of his daughters eating ice cream cones. The caption, "we beat stupidity celebration cones." One of his daughters posted it thursday after west's relentless grilling of the prosecution's star witness. Are you able to read that copy? Reporter: He even exposed her limited literacy. I don't read cursive. A representative for west denied he knew his daughter posted the picture, calling the caption grossly insensitive. West is the same attorney who drew criticism for this opening statement. Knock knock. Who's there? George zimmerman. George zimmerman who? Reporter: But zimmerman's defense fared better in court this week than in the court of public opinion. The person who you now know to be trayvon martin was on top, correct? Correct. And he was reining blows down on the person on the bottom, george zimmerman? Using prosecution witnesses to reinforce the defense's argument that zimmerman shot martin in self-defense. Is there any way the prosecution can salvage a second-degree murder charge here? At this point it's up in the air. More testimony to come, but as we stand right now, this looks more like a manslaughter or a not guilty than it does second-degree murder. Reporter: The prosecution's case continues next week. Lead homicide investigator chris sereneo, likely to take the stand. He recommended manslaughter charges for zimmerman. Matt gutman, abc news, miami.

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{"id":19534680,"title":"George Zimmerman Trial: Defense Lawyer Controversy","duration":"1:54","description":"Zimmerman's \"knock-knock\" lawyer on defensive again after tweeting bizarre photos.","url":"/WNT/video/george-zimmerman-trial-defense-lawyer-controversy-19534680","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}