Global outrage grows as death toll rises in Middle East

Israeli forces struck several buildings in Gaza City, targeting a leader of Hamas.
4:30 | 05/16/21

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Transcript for Global outrage grows as death toll rises in Middle East
We begin tonight in the Middle East the deadliest 24 hours yet in a week of bloody escalation the UN Security Council meeting today but taking no official action. Global outrage is growing protests this weekend a round the world this particular one in Chicago. Overnight Israeli forces hit several buildings in Gaza City many of the dead are children. Desperate families searching through the rubble. And today Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu defending continuing airstrikes. Israeli officials claim Hamas fired 3100 rockets this week from Gaza one damaging a synagogue today. The White House standing by Israel's right to defend itself. And calling for an end to the violence Israel closing the Gaza border not allowing in aid or journalists. ABC's chief national correspondent Matt Gutman leads us off tonight from Tel Aviv. Tonight Israel's did beast attack on Gaza Strip since the conflict began beating dozens dead. And rescuers pulling and debris piles were survivors. At least 42 killed in it was airstrikes including twenty seeks women and children. Today rescuers Russian children bloodied encrusted with dust train accidents. It through gaps in those slabs of concrete signs of life. Are you okay they shout there's a weak response yes I hear you later that man is pulled out in rushed to an ambulance. Roy if it's good tonic survived the airstrike. Ex wife and four of his children kill. And the badly injured he was new to the debris pile to tenderly kissed him shrouded thesis one last time. That's right telling us he screen it was went to get their children out of the building like before another missile struck. And miraculously. He seven year old daughter pulled from the rubble alive. Today the UN Security Council holding an emergency meeting. He senseless cycle of bloodshed terrorists are must follow immediately and tonight Israel also facing international outrage. From level in the building housing the associated press and other international media. But the Israelis gave those inside just an Al were to evacuate the Associated Press CEO calling it. An assault on press freedom. That building provided the best vantage point for the world to see the events in gossip. And now that building is destroyed. Israel to get provided evidence to the US that the building housed if Hamas military installation but he hasn't released it publicly. Israel's prime minister defended the action. It's a perfectly legitimate target and I can tell you that we took every precaution. To make sure that there were no. Civilian injuries so far at least a 197. Palestinians killed. Including 58 children more than 12100 wounded on the Israeli side ten killed in nearly 300 wounded in the weeklong conflict. At hamas' rain of rockets continuing tonight. 3100 rockets launched towards Israel so farce is that military a rate five times higher than any previous conflict. We give you a sense of what those rocket blasts can view the rocket landed about twenty yards away two floors down other families here. Was eating its avid meal when the sirens sounded the sprinted to their bomb shelter they were okay. The men across the street skilled. And earlier today a rocket hitting a synagogue in the southern Israeli city of Asheville on. From smoke and dust to concede the shrapnel and a whole lot that means. No one was hurt. The tensions spilling over. Pitting neighbor against neighbor. A Palestinian driver rammed a group of police officers. In the scene Jerusalem neighborhood we are the eviction of six Palestinian families from their homes was one of the triggers for the outbreak of this latest stats. Clients. Matt Gutman joins us now from Tel Aviv and Matt we know that just today the prime minister of Israel said that the attacks on Hamas targets would. Take time so what is the US doing to try to bring an end to this violence. Elude to the US is on a bit of a diplomatic blitz. The US envoy here on the ground meeting with Israeli generals also with officials from Russia and the UN. And secretary of state Tony blink in speaking with his counterparts in Egypt and carp. Both of those countries maintain ties with Hamas right now they're talking about.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"Israeli forces struck several buildings in Gaza City, targeting a leader of Hamas. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"77726915","title":"Global outrage grows as death toll rises in Middle East","url":"/WNT/video/global-outrage-grows-death-toll-rises-middle-east-77726915"}