GOP Convention Pandemonium and a Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Trump Nomination

Anti-Trump protestors yell, "Shame! shame! shame!" with many prominent Republicans skipping the convention.
3:52 | 07/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GOP Convention Pandemonium and a Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Trump Nomination
Donald Trump is expected to arrive here just a short time from now he will introduce his wife Lonnie onstage right here behind me. So then speak but even before bloodier trump speaks this evening. The sudden drama right here in the hole the eleventh hour effort to stop Donald Trump. It failed but not without flight ABC's Tom doubts as on the Florida. High drama of the flu of the Republican Convention. A full load Ruble like into neutral forces. Each started when delegates were denied an opportunity to vote on the rule this. Some sought as the last best hope to block troops domination. The motion to reconsider. Its laid upon the table. And we thank didn't rationed. Into the never until people call it broke roll call vote right here. I'm trying to build that CN. Others think supporters are trying to work trunk. Jack you know steep price didn't rule pulled blue balloons of one school it would have been those in favor. Of the rules package will say time. Oh. Those opposed are. Shall say no. In the opinion of the chair. These eyes have it. And I. Antiques road forces failed. Colorado's entire delegation walking out look at their empty seats a rocky start to the probe show on a date the candidate is hoping to showcase his softer side. Tonight the spotlight on his wife millennia he's a great either. A he's fair Maloney a one of six trumps with prime time speaking slots here in Cleveland all trumps adult children addressing the convention. The trump failing will want to convention from this prided blocks very close to the stage. And convention organizers want to make sure there are no mistakes so plenty of warning signs teen from. You all are being filmed. The spotlight also shining bright on Trump's running mate Mike Pence together for their first joint interview but on some issues very far apart. Trump says he's long opposed the rock war but parents voted for it trump was asked about that. I don't care. What do you mean you don't care that he voted it's a long time. And if they were also misled a lot of information who's gone to time. I was against that the war in Iraq from the beginning. When that you can use that vote that of Hillary's it was the same as was that countries like Tanzania people has that the example of her bad judgment you know. And frankly I'm one of the few that was right or correct but what about he'd get he's entitled to make a mistake it was sort of. She's okay. I'm just not she's not just for his part tension is growing into this role and learning how to make his new boss happy because this man has on with the American people and he is not intimidated by the world. And Donald Trump this good man I believe will be of great president of the United States. I love Regis. But many prominent Republicans disagree and are skipping the convention. And Tom Damaso lot of excuses for Republicans who are not coming here to the convention among them the bushes. The Romney's McCain's all no shows that's right those Republicans will not be here and some of the senate Republicans that are not shored up are saved at a campaign and her own state. Others are say they have important meetings and what senator David says he'll be fly fishing with his wife are David Tommy honest with us tonight.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Anti-Trump protestors yell, \"Shame! shame! shame!\" with many prominent Republicans skipping the convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"40681882","title":"GOP Convention Pandemonium and a Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Trump Nomination","url":"/WNT/video/gop-convention-pandemonium-ditch-effort-stop-trump-nomination-40681882"}