Gun Shows Draw Big Crowds in Spite of Deadly School Shooting

Demand for guns rise as Americans fear of looming gun control reforms.
1:51 | 01/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gun Shows Draw Big Crowds in Spite of Deadly School Shooting
In fact, gun shows across the country seeing booming business amid fears the white house might soon act on gun control. Here's abc's mark greenblatt. Reporter: The surging demand for guns drew so many to this gun show in los angeles over the weekend. The worry wasn't weapons, but the size of the crowd. This father brought her daughter along to stock up, worried about looming gun reform. We went through and came down to get what we wanted before everything's illegal. Reporter: But closer to newtown, at least four gun shows canceled. The show went on in nearby stanford, connecticut, even after the local mayor called the organizers insensitive. What would you say to the mayor? I'd say he's wrong. Why is he wrong? This is a private thing. He shouldn't be expressing his opinion on it. Reporter: The washington post reports a task force led by vice president joe biden is considering proposing universal background checks for all gun-buyers. Tracking the movement and sale of weapons through a national database and stiff penalties for carrying guns near school or giving them to minors. How big of an impact could this really have? We believe some of these proposals could have a huge impact on the number of deaths and murders that happen every day from guns. You're talking about keeping guns out of the hands of convicted felons, domestic abusers, dangerously mentally ill. Reporter: But heidi heitkamp, a democrat from north dakota, told george stephanopoulos today, those proposals go too far. That's way in extreme of what i think is necessary or even should be talked about. And it's not going to pass. One member of that task force told me he's surging reforms that go beyond assault weapons. His reasoning, he wants to keep any kind of gun out of the hands of the criminally or the mentally ill. We have a note tonight with

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{"id":18146340,"title":"Gun Shows Draw Big Crowds in Spite of Deadly School Shooting","duration":"1:51","description":"Demand for guns rise as Americans fear of looming gun control reforms.","url":"/WNT/video/gun-shows-draw-big-crowds-spite-deadly-school-18146340","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}