Hawaii Faces Potentially Devastating Tropical Storm

The extreme weather team tracks the latest weather news across America.
4:09 | 07/29/13

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Transcript for Hawaii Faces Potentially Devastating Tropical Storm
hawaii is bracing for impact. Look at those islands, about to be overwhelmed by flossie. Honolulu in the cross hairs, the first direct hit in 20 years. Officials warning it might bring mud slides and tornados after much of the country was soaked by a weekend of rain and flood floods. Our extreme weather team is tracking it all. Neal karlinsky starts us off from hawaii. Reporter: Tonight, america's island paradise is under a rare assault from mother nature. Tropical storm flossie, barring down on the big island first, before moving west across the hawaiian islands, could bring up to a foot of rain. The pounding surf has already arrived on the big island and is headed to maui. Reporter: While some residents are stocking up on supplies, saul rollason is worried about flash flooding. His home sits on a razor's edge above the ocean. Which is why he's trying to keep his property from getting soaked and sliding away. Is this going to be the kind of night where you sleep with one eye open? I'm probably not going to sleep at all. Reporter: In 1992 this hurricane left 7 deaths in its wake. Flossie won't be nearly that bad but preparations are under way. Susie who survived katrina and just moved here for better weather, says she's ready. Hopefully this will just be a lot of wind and a lot of rain and no flooding. Reporter: July is the busiest month of the year in hawaii but today dozens of flights are cancelled, tours postponed and visitors have been left to make the best of it. It's disappointing but i think we'll work through it. Reporter: The surf has beenic canning up, the wind and rain coming and going intermittently. Emergency shelters have been opened and the national guard has been activated just in case. George? Turn to the main land now for families from coast to west coast it was a weekend of extreme weather, flash floods, buses and cars no match for the rushing water. Ginger zee has that part of the story. Reporter: Flash flood. Thousands of americans learning, and living the definition this weekend. Literally in 10 minutes, the water rose from the creek side up to the house. Reporter: In arizona, water rushing down mountains and into roads. A tour bus bowled over by muddy waters. Pushed 300 yards down stream. All 33 on board, remarkably okay. A soaker surrounding las vegas, water two feet deep. Then there were those swift water rescues in western north carolina, up to a foot of rain fell in less than 24 hours. Philadelphia swamped sunday. Its wessest one day rainfall ever, more than 8 inches. All of this after what has been a really wet summer along the east coast. 18 states from georgia to maine made it into their top ten wettest junes. Delaware and new jersey wettest juns on record. Miami beach could see more rain by the end of the week and it's going to come from this, the remnants of dorian, still disorganized fighting a lot of dry air but could make it toward florida by late week. Flossie is so massive. It is, especially for hawaii. We want to take you through the track of flossie. Even though it's going to keep weakening it's going to be a big deal here. The overnight here goes right over and between malaki and owahu. In the meantime, warnings abound for every island, three to six inches of rain.

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{"id":19809607,"title":"Hawaii Faces Potentially Devastating Tropical Storm","duration":"4:09","description":"The extreme weather team tracks the latest weather news across America.","url":"/WNT/video/hawaii-faces-potentially-devastating-tropical-storm-19809607","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}