Hawaii volcano's ash plume poses threat to residents

The lava spewing from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano is only part of the danger caused by the eruption.
7:59 | 05/15/18

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Transcript for Hawaii volcano's ash plume poses threat to residents
I'm RC Gonzales in the talent of volcano Hawaii covering the volcanic eruptions here. Show you what is left of this giant ash plume that's been coming out. Of this summit though the main crater app that kill way to volcano. This is big going on for hours here with huge plumes of ash. Coming out of that crater. Do does been keeping a very close eye on this. For days now expecting a massive steam explosion they're expecting a huge event here where they say that giant boulders could rocket out of that greater energy acting with an ashes high isn't 1000 feet. They were concerned when this first started that this might be that massive event they've been anticipating but now. They don't think that this is and this is just and possibly a precursor to god but it's it's a concern for people who live nearby. The major events would potentially send boulders just with in volcanoes national park where the summit is. They've shut down that part. As a precaution because of the potential dangers but that ash. Could go for miles and it could rain down on community is right now the wind is going the other directions with not impacting where we are. But it bring in the resident here Susan come if you come speak with us and money said that this. This is a big concern for you not only for your own wellbeing because you have troubles here. Yes yes we do we've got our sheep cattle horses. Chickens so but my neighbor is over there with his horses and he it's a big concern to the Wisconsin resident cattle appeared. No one has a barn big enough to really protect all of the animals that are in the bastion. Be wary about the water troughs with cash getting in the you worry about the pasture grass and their feeding on. That you know have actually I've got several friends that. Grow vegetable crops the sulfur dioxide. Destroys the Atlantis and there was tired and so forth they've got orchid growers and other fundamentals appeared. No idea what this will do to and there are. Grass that Aspen and statehouses. It's a big concern and then just print the regular residence where I'm Katzman. C wary about the ash getting on your roof. Getting into your gutters getting into your water systems a lot of us are. Taking precautions in advance to catching our gutters from our downspouts. To at least. Keep any other cash from getting in the a lot of people have open tanks. I I I really. Don't aren't you more weaponry to listen and tell you about what this was like when it first started this morning won't. Oh gosh. I. Photo from my friend's daughter's. About Washington she goes this is happening right now because I called heard take some precautions about there. AM I've just been watching it since an important and it's it's just been. Sending a lot of steam continuously. It's what 12 o'clock. Those with street over three dollars and if you ever seen anything no no actually I'm writing last week I just happen to be outside going in it and watching. I saw a room and not was being. I don't want huge one on Friday we are actually within volcanoes national park when Alan. Went off and they were telling us in the park that was the largest. Ash plume that they have seen air since 1924 and of course in 1924 is when they had the last. Major steam explosion which is it what they've been studying to get an idea of what to anticipate this time around for this steam explosion they're expecting could happen. Any day now so when you looked outside and all that did you think. This is the big ones they've been calling or. I don't know his maybe one but I certainly not cool link it's a whole lot bigger than Friday's. Yeah I mean there's really nothing we can do it sept watching. Take the necessary stance shelter in place. Those of us who have respiratory or heart conditions. Might wanna get into he'll hear it's nice and clear the air and staying in the hospital. And why have you not evacuated why did you decide to stay your elf elf four miles away right right is on the trade winds continue blowing this way we're okay. No the winds shift then. That'll be a thought yeah our kids are in town so we do hammer home and he that we could go to. A lot of people don't cam anywhere to go where they can't afford to go stay in a hotel room. So you do the best you can. Are you worried about being able to evacuate in time no because. It's it's there's just that one road heading to Hilo and if everyone gets the same idea to leave at the same time going to be a problem. So why not leave now. I didn't think it's that series yet. You know it's been very quiet we haven't had any earthquakes. Net nothing since the sixth we wouldn't little shakes here and here. We're not hearing. Thunderous collapse of rocks and you think he would if you ignore a much more serious situation. Possibly constantly right now we're just hoping that whenever rock fall is going on now is not plugging the conflict. That will be the big concern if it does become more explosive. But this is something that officials are concerned about because our civil defense came by today as if you all morning Rick that's what these papers are right they can buy about two hours ago. Great news the snow that. They're the potential for ash pond. As well as the toxic gas but when you're losing. We're what my husbands or they didn't say where we are minutes for us I would think we're still relatively new. Because it is heading rather direction but it could shift. And sulfur dioxide is one of the main concerns with with all of this off katic activities including you know about 25 miles away from here is where those measures have been. Erupting spewing all of that love and without is that sulfur dioxide coming out which is why they've had to evacuate about 18100 people so far because. Not only the concerns with a lot about the concerns with the air quality as well and so now civil defense saying that they've. They want you to keep an eye out for the potential of your quality issues as well yes. And are you worried about that. What. I mean on the mound is then began seeing for ten years so in the wind shift we get a Kona wind. Yeah it's really what it's really noxious. Wake up with a sore throat headache itchy eyes not anything like what's going on in honey. Again we don't know. What's going to happen. Senior just watching the evening watching and reading. But for now this is just. And I don't know. Spectacular spectacular and and you said that it made no sound which was really surprising to me it might be there might be Sam's right there Jenkins will. The observatory but from here only to form miles away with that didn't ask extortion supporting. And is that what it's normally like when there's Rockwell when you've seen this these past we. Actually record something that sounds like standards that we come out we look at that thunderstorm over monologue or is it something going on hair. Again that usually comes with a little bit more earth shakes. I just keep coming fingers crossed hoping for the best. Right season thinking some company with us. They appreciated. So again a volcanologists geologists are keeping very close eye on the situation happening the crater at the summit. Until away this. Huge eruption of ash here today but this is not the main jurors steam explosion they've been anticipating they see that could still happen. Any day now and we will keep you posted on the latest developments we are in volcano Hawaii I'm RC Gonzales and you're watching ABC news.

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{"id":55194611,"title":"Hawaii volcano's ash plume poses threat to residents","duration":"7:59","description":"The lava spewing from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano is only part of the danger caused by the eruption.","url":"/US/video/hawaii-volcanos-ash-plume-poses-threat-residents-55194611","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}