Hear From the Survivors of the Colombia Plane Crash

At least 71 people were killed in the tragic soccer charter collision.
2:03 | 12/01/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hear From the Survivors of the Colombia Plane Crash
Phillip, thank you. New reporting tonight after that horrific plane crash in Colombia, members of that Brazilian soccer team,ost of them killed in the crash. Tonight, new details here of the final desperate moments in the sky. We're learning there was a second plane with fuel problems landing just as their plane with a team onboard was dealing with its emergency. Here's David Kerley. Reporter: Such joy among players and the jet crew as they took off for Colombia and their first finals tournament. The 29-year-old co-pilot making her first flight with the airline looking forward to flying the team. A flight with a chilling end. The chartered jet in a holding pattern, as another jet with a fuel problem making a priority landing, the soccer charter announces it too has a fuel problem. Then, an emergency. The controller asked the pilot to turn. No, the pilot said. He's heading to the airport. The controller quickly -- orders other jets to turn away. But with no fuel, no electric electricity, it's too late, as the pilot makes his last call for directions. A vector. Now they're descending into high terrain, they're essentially gliding into oblivion. Reporter: At the crash scene, players' shoes, all 71 killed now identified as families prepare funerals. And a Brazilian city continuing to mourn. Candlelight and flashlight in the team's stadium. David Kerley, we're learning one of the survivors was found after the search had been called off. What a remarkable story. It was suspended because of the weather. A rescuer heard the screams for help. One of those players who was rescued and carry more than two miles to get help. That's a blessing, indeed.

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{"id":43915954,"title":"Hear From the Survivors of the Colombia Plane Crash","duration":"2:03","description":"At least 71 people were killed in the tragic soccer charter collision. ","url":"/WNT/video/hear-survivors-colombia-plane-crash-43915954","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}